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Bank and bags

What is this?

A bagmod based on a custom version of the cargBags2 framework updated for MoP. Styles and sorts your inventory and bank.

What does it feature?

  • Several predefined categories which your inventory items gets sorted into.
  • Sorting by item rarity, item level, item ID, stack size
  • Restack option to easily restack items and clean up your bags
  • The option to permanently hide Junk (gray/poor quality items) or any other category of items!
  • Tons of layout and customization options from the options menu
  • A nice look!

Where can I submit bugs?

In the CurseForge Ticket Tracker! Make sure you have created a CurseForge account and logged in, otherwise the option to submit a ticket won't be there.

Slash Commands

  • /scalebags x.x - Sets the scale, where x.x is a value from 1.0 to 2.0
  • /unlockbags - Unlocks the bags for movement
  • /lockbags - Locks the bags into place
  • /resetbags - Reset the positions of the bags and bankframe to their defaults
  • /compressbags - Toggle compression of empty bag slots

Item Sets? Mine doesn't show up!

It currently only supports the Blizzard Equipment Manager. I might add others, but chances are I won't. If your set is a Blizzard set and still doesn't show, you have to relog. It is a known bug in the Blizzard code that will prevent your stored equipment sets from being loaded if you are in combat upon login. So go to a safe spot, log out, and log back in.

Where can I learn more?

Stay updated with the latest news, changes and upcoming features on my blog, located HERE, or by visiting the addon's facebook page.


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Mar 13, 2010
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Oct 25, 2012
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