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This documentaion should give you a good overview about what Genie is able to do. It's fare from beeing complete, so if you have questions, don't be afraid to ask.

Detail pages

Plain and simple

Stack/move and sort your items

/genie work

Tell Genie to stack/move and sort your items

/genie auto

Open your bank, check your mail (do something else) an see what happens. If you want to disable this, just retype /genie auto

Ignore an item

/genie ignore <item>

Genie will ignore that item. If you want to reconsider that item, just retype /genie ignore <item>

Tell genie to stop

/genie stop

Use this if you want to prove yourself that you're the master

I need some more options

Open the Genie-General-Options-Frame (Game Menu -> Interface -> Select Addons -> Select Genie).
This is the first time we really need to look at this.

Mode -> Automatic
If you activated the automatic mode with /genie auto this will be selected
Beware! This only enables the automatic mode itselve. If you have never used "/genie auto" or have never selected an automatic event, setting the automatic mode will have no effect.
Mode -> Silent
Enable/ disable the silent mode. It tells Genie to output text to the default chat only if necessary and also mutes the sound while stacking/moving and sorting.
Reverse -> Bags
Genie looks at your bags from right to left. Enable this option if you want Genie to do elsewise.
Reverse -> Slots
Genie looks at your bagslots from the top to the bottom. Enable this option if you want Genie to do elsewise.

Go crazy about sorting

Current ranking

/genie rank show

This gives you a good idea of how Genie currently sorts your items. There are currently 19 default rankings.

Quote from Genie:

001 Quest Item
002 Soulbound
003 Quality

Reset the ranking

/genie rank reset

This will disable all ranks, giving you the possibility to make your own ranking.

Quote from Genie:

001 Quest Item (D)
002 Soulbound (D)
003 Quality (D)

Enable a ranking

/genie rank enable <class>
can be the current classrank or the name (p.e. /genie rank enable 1 or /genie rank enable quest item)
Quote from Genie:

001 Quest Item
002 Soulbound (D)
003 Quality (D)

Update a ranking

/genie rank update <class> <ranking>
can be the current classrank or the name (p.e. "1" or "Quest Item" or "quest item")
should be a number between 0 and 999

Some examples

/genie rank update quest item 3
Quote from Genie:

001 Soulbound
002 Quality
003 Quest Item

/genie rank update 2 1
Quote from Genie:

001 Quality
002 Soulbound
003 Quest Item

Invert a single class

/genie rank invert <class>
can be the current classrank or the name (p.e. "1" or "Quest Item" or "quest item")

Inverting / Sortingalgorithm

Open the Sorting-Options-Frame (Game Menu -> Interface -> Select Addons -> Select Genie -> Select Sorting)

Sorting -> Sorting algorithm
Select the sorting algorithm Genie should use
If you want the fastest, select Quicksort3, if you want a stable one, select Insertionsort. More about sorting algorithms
Sorting -> Invert the sorting order
Enable if you want to reverse your sorting ranks

Some ranks explained

Quest Item

Genie groups items into this group that have "Quest item" in their tooltip.
Stranglethorn pages do not belong to the "Quest item"-class because "Quest item" doesn't show up in the tooltip (to the full chapter will).

Let's do something with families

To be honest, you might already have used them. Remember "/genie ignore"? "/genie ignore <item>" in fact is a shortcut for creating a custom family named "ignore", adding the <item> to that family and telling Genie to ignore all items in that family.

Show all custom families

/genie family show
Quote from Genie:

Current content of Custom family
001 ignore (ignore)

The ignore in brackets tells us that all items of that family will be ignored by Genie

Current content of a custom family

/genie family show <family>
can be the current number or the name (p.e. "1" or "ignore")

If you've added your Hearthstone to the ignore list, then this will be the output

Quote from Genie:

Current content of ignore
06948 Hearthstone
All items are beeing ignored


/genie family update <name>

This will create a new custom family and add it to the classranking.

Add/ delete items to/from

/genie family update <name>!<item1>!<item2>!<item3>...

Note: You can substitute <name> with the number of the family shown by "/genie family show"

Ignore items within a family

/genie family ignore <name>
/genie family ignore <name of family>!<bagtype>
/genie family ignore <#family>!<bagtype>


/genie family rename <name>!new name


/genie family delete <name>

The Guildbank

Beware This is under heavy development. Feedback & bugreports are appreciated

Lock the Guildbank
Guildleader only
As it says it will try to lock the guldbank by revoking everyones right to display the currently selected tab. It will also print a message to your guildchat.

Set enabled Guildbank-tabs

By default, all Guildbank-tabs are enabled (if you are the guildleader)

If you want to enable/disable a tab, then add the following to your Guild Information


and remove the number of the tabs you want to disable

Enabled Guilbanktabs
This setting also overrides the default setting for the guildleader

Allow other players beside the Guildleader to handle the Guildbank

Add the following to your Guild Information

Allowed players to work with the Guildbank besides the Guildmaster


Add the following to your Guild Information


if you want to have your Items placed from the left to the right within your Guildbank

Enable Left-to-Right-Handling for the given tabs

Guildbank delay (or why the hell does it take ages to sort the Guildbank)

While moving stuff arround or out of the Guildbank you're only allowed a not nearer defined amount of actions per second until you will get blocked.
Since this (as far as i can tell) depends on your server and population you have to adjust this to your situation.

Guildbank delay
Time to wait between each move (default is 0.4 seconds)

More specific commands

Stack/move and sort <bagtype>

/genie <bagtype> work
Either "bag", "bank" or "guildbank"

Stack all items in <bagtype>

/genie <bagtype> stack

Move all items in <bagtype>

/genie <bagtype> move

Sort all items in <bagtype>

/genie <bagtype> sort

Enough typing, i want some shortcuts

/genie ignore <item>
/genie i <item>
/genie rank <command>
/genie r <command>
/genie family <command>
/genie f <command>
/genie guildbank <command>
/genie gb <command>

Hints / Problem solving

Genie stops working / acts strange after an update

I always try to make the transistion between two beta versions as smooth as possible, but sometimes it's necessary to make some incompatible changes. If you experience some weird behavior it's always a good idea to reset your profile.