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We all know punting gnomes is great fun... but there's no /punt emote in World of Warcraft!  What's a lover of gnome punting to do?

Well... install GnomePunter!  With it, you can punt gnomes and get gnome punting achievements!  Use:

/punt         - punt someone (preferably a gnome)
/gpcount      - see how many gnomes you've punted
/gpquiet      - toggle achievement announcements to your guild

There's a few rules, though:

 - You can punt a gnome all you want, but the same one will only count toward your count (and achievements) every fifteen minutes.

 - If you're a gnome, punting yourself doesn't count for your count.  Sorry.

 - You can't punt anyone when you're a ghost.

 - In order to punt someone, you have to get close enough to them.

 - Last, but not least, punting NPC gnomes only counts for "punt this gnome" achievements.  It doesn't increase your count or count for any other achievements.

GnomePunter Achievements are global -- it doesn't matter what character you're on, what you do counts.  This is only fair, since some achievements require you to *be* a gnome in order to get them.

A list of all the possible achievements is in the included README.

Thank you to Oxhorn Brand Movies for allowing me to use sounds from their movie "The Joy of Punting Gnomes".

Happy Punting!


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Jan 18, 2010
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Feb 04, 2014
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