129 - Randomize between mount types then random color or specifics

Originally posted by Xanthio @ Worldofwar.net
Something I thought would be interesting would be weighting mounts of which there are multiple colors of the same mount lower than unique mounts.  Essentially emulate the behavior of a two-pass decision making system where it chooses "a wolf" or "a kodo" or "a nether drake" and then randomizes which color -- but do so by generating weights that emulate the behavior in a single pass.  I haven't actually read your code to see if this is practical to implement in your current randomization model but it's something I thought would be interesting.

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    Closing this ticket... current randomizing of mounts with a single roll essentially does the same thing but giving a slightly higher % for mount types with more mounts of that type (eg 5 horses vs. 7 mech striders means mech striders have a slightly higher chance of being picked).

    Ticket http://wow.curseforge.com/addons/gogomount/tickets/526-ranking-of-ones-mounts/ which is to discuss and possibly implement ranking of mounts can be used to adjust for count differences.

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    Should be done for GoGoMount 3.0.8

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    Need to categorize all of the current mounts.  I'll also need to figure out how to handle shape form spells that will be in the same table to randomly pick from.  Perhaps give shape shift spells their own mount type and randomly select?  I'll have to find a druid to test with first before implementing.



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