776 - Warlords of Draenor (Warcraft 6.0) Notes

List of notes, changes, updates, etc. related to mounts, mount speeds, etc. that could affect GoGoMount.

This is a compiled list for now and will branch off Enchancement Tickets to implement once I have access to beta for testing.

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    Other Items:

    - Check Tailoring mounts - did the tailoring skill level requirements get removed?  (Has been removed on current beta.)

    Want to chat? You'll find me here if I'm online:
    [email protected]
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    Druid Related Stuff:

    Glyph of the Stag (New) - Your stag form can now be used as a mount by party members. Travel Form will no longer ever activate flight, and Flight Form is learned as a separate ability. Minor Glyph.
    - How do party members use the mount spell?  To test and add to GoGoMount.

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    Garrison Related Stuff:

    Stables (Large)
    The Stables provide for the care of mounts and pack animals, which are used to help travel across Draenor.
    - GarrBuilding #65 - Reduces mission travel time by 25% and grants access to new exploration missions.
    - GarrBuilding #66 - Increase player mounted speed in Draenor and provides access to Pack Animal Mission bonus.
    - GarrBuilding #67 - Unlocks Specializations.

    Building Specializations
    GarrSpecialization #11 - Blackrock Mining Cart - Grants a chance to discover Blackrock Mining Carts full of extra ore.
    GarrSpecialization #12 - Orchard - Plant an orchard in your garrison that will produce rare fruit.
    GarrSpecialization #13 - Exquisite Skinning Knife - Increases the hourly skin gathering rate by 10%.
    GarrSpecialization #2 - Show Posts - Enables you to stable five more mounts at the stable for public display.
    GarrSpecialization #22 - Gemfinding - Mining nodes in your garrison mine have a chance to produce rare gems.
    GarrSpecialization #23 - Mass Teleport - Removes travel time for the first misison every day that requres 5 followers.
    GarrSpecialization #24 - City Travel - Provides access to portals that grant transport to cities other than Orgrimmar and Stormwind.
    GarrSpecialization #25 - Mechanical Picker - Automates harvesting of herbs from the garden.
    GarrSpecialization #3 - Mount Trader - A rare mount trader has taken up shop at your garrison stables building.
    GarrSpecialization #7 - Recall Portal - Allows you to abort a current mission and immediately bring followers back.
    GarrSpecialization #8 - Headhunter - Recruit a random follower with a specific Trait, Ability or Role for 10 Material.
    GarrSpecialization #9 - Blackrock Chef - Enables access to garrison cooking dailies.

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