Golden Fleece

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A very small addon that informs when the Golden Fleece trinket has cooled down. The internal cooldown is 5 minutes so a warning is given when the trinket is almost cooled down.

It can track and save the cooldown time on multiple toons and it's possible to make it proc on 1 toon and then use another toon to farm with it while the first cools down.

It also keeps and displays some statistics about the loot including total, average and standard deviation. The standard deviation is kept for the last 40 samples only.


Movable frame that is remembered for each character. Aware of when the trinket is equipped and unequipped. (Equipping imposes a 5 minute cooldown) Can track multiple characters with the trinket and is aware of the cooldown for each. Visual and audio queue when 15 seconds before the cooldown is due (enough time to start AOEing mobs). Basic statistics to record your profits. (total, average and standard deviation) Separate statistics for instances and outside world as the amount looted in instances is greatly diminished. Minimal use of global variables in the code so it's friendly to other addons. The 2nd version supports English, Italian, French and Russian. The languages other than English were Google translated so may not be 100%.


(DONE) There is very little text in the addon so more localization will be added (or at least provisions for it). (defaults.lua) An options panel so the warnings and sounds can be customized. (DONE) Bit of tidying up.


On behalf of my daughter Christina I'd like to thank Dr Warren Hall for saving my life when my appendix exploded in 2011.


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Feb 22, 2013
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Mar 03, 2013
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