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Think of all the interesting/important dialog you're missing! <span style="color:red">New in v0.8:</span> <span style="color:#EE7621">The Gossipmonger Filter system has been implemented! This allows those familiar with basic Lua to create their own custom "filter" functions to automate the selection of gossip options and quests. See Filters.lua for instructions (API) and examples.</span>

Those poor NPCs. It seemed to them as if no one was interested in what they had to say any more. Show them some love: Hear them out before you carry on with your business once in a while! In some cases, you could be missing out on important or interesting details about the NPC or the world around it.

Automatically skipping greeting/gossip text is convenient, but what if you are actually interested in seeing what the NPC has to say first? Or perhaps even better, what if you want greeting text to be shown alongside the vendor window/bank/whatnot? This addon will let you do just that!

By default, Gossipmonger makes skipping gossip work the same way that WoW normally handles it (skipping ahead if there's only one option to select and it isn't a quest or conversation option) except that a new window appears at the same time as the window for the vendor/bank/whatever-it-is which shows the gossip text you would otherwise have missed. However, if you hold down Shift, there is no skipping ahead, letting you see the gossip text in its normal window. You can change the modifier key to Alt or Ctrl instead of Shift if you wish. You can also change the settings so that Gossipmonger will only skip ahead when you hold down the modifier key, defaulting to opening the normal gossip window.

Another option is to have the addon inform you in one of two ways when you skip something: Scrolling Combat Text's message frame (if you have that addon) and/or the default chat log.

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