Change log

   Corrects a problem with QuestPrerequisites() and nil data.

   Changes the Interface to 50300 for the 5.3.0 Blizzard release.
   Updates some quest/NPC information, primarily with the Isle of Thunder.
   Adds a new loadable addon, Grail-When, that records when quests are completed.
   Adds a flag to QuestPrerequisites(), allowing the lack of flag to cause the behavior to return to what it was previously, and with the flag the newer behavior.

   Makes it so choosing PvE or PvP for the day on Isle of Thunder is handled well.
   Adds IsQuestObsolete() and IsQuestPending() which use the new Z and E quests codes that can be present.  If either returns true, the quest is not available in the current Blizzard client.
   Adds support for the new way reputation information is being stored.
   Converts prerequisite information storage to no longer use tables, saving about 1.0 MB of space.

   Updates some quest/NPC information, primarily with the Isle of Thunder.
   Adds the basics for the quests added in the 5.3.0 PTR release 16758.
   Events in combat are forced to be delayed, but the user can still override.
   Changes the internal design of the NPCs to save about 0.6 MB of space.

   Updates some quest/NPC information.
   Speeds up the CodesWithPrefix() routine provided by rowaasr13.  This reduces the chance of running into an issue when teleporting into combat.
   Adds F code prerequisites which indicate a faction requirement.  Demonstrate this with two Work Order: quests, but will be used primarily for "phased" NPC prerequisites, whose architecture is starting to be implemented.
   Updates some Traditional Chinese localizations.

   Updates to Isle of Thunder King/Isle of Giants quests from 5.2 PTR.
   Updates some Traditional Chinese localizations.
   Updates some quest/NPC information.
   Updates the technique where a quest is invalidated to properly include not being able to fulfill all prerequisites that include groups.
   Puts quests whose start location does not map directly to a specific zone into their own "Other" map area.
   Augments the API that returns NPC locations to include created and mailbox flags.

   Removes the Grail-Zones.lua file since the names are now gotten from the runtime.
   Puts in support for "/grail events" allowing control over processing of some Blizzard events received while in combat until after combat.
   Updates some quest/NPC information for Operation: Shieldwall.
   Removes the Grail.xml and rewrites the startup to account for its lack.
   Adds very basic quest information for 5.2 PTR quests from 2013-01-02.
   Removes the quests on Yojamba Isle since there are no NPCs there.
   Updates some Netherstorm quests for Aldor/Scryers information.
   Updates some quest localizations for Simplified Chinese.


Uploaded on
Jun 11, 2013
Game version
  • 5.3.0
2.4 MiB