Change log

   Updates some quest/NPC information.
   Unified the reputation requirements into the prerequisite codes.
   Allows A: and T: codes to work in conjuction (additive) with the faction-specific versions.
   Allows AZ: codes to have more than one map area.

   Corrects a problem where quests with First Aid prerequisites would cause a Lua error.

   Updates some quest/NPC information.
   Added the ability for prerequisite evaluation to only check profession requirements.
   Corrected the evaluation of ancestor failures to properly propagate past the first level of quest failure.

   Updates some quest/NPC information.
   Updates the issue recording system to provide a little more accurate information to make processing saved variables files easier.

   Caches the results obtained from ItemPresent() to make quest status updates faster, invalidating the cache as appropriate.
   Updates some quest/NPC information.
   Changes the NPC IDs used to represent spells that summon pets to remove a conflict with actual items.
   Changes some of the internal structures used to save some memory.
   Corrects an issue where the Loremaster quest data for Pandaria was not populating an internal structure properly (causing Loremaster not to display map pins).
   Updates _QuestsInLog() to work better when various headings are closed in the Blizzard quest log.

   Augments ClassificationOfQuestCode() to return 'K' for weekly quests.
   Updates some quest/NPC information.
   Makes handling LOOT_CLOSED not be so noisy with chat spam.
   Makes processing the UNIT_QUEST_LOG_CHANGED event delayed by 0.5 seconds to allow walking through the Blizzard quest log using GetQuestLogTitle() to work better.

   Corrects some issues stemming from new repuation information.
   Adds some localizations of quest/NPC names.

   Updates some quest/NPC information.
   Fixes a variable leak that causes problems determining prerequisite information.

   Updates some quest/NPC information.
   Fixes an infinite loop issue when evaluating data in the Valley of the Four Winds.
   Fixes a Lua issue that manifests when Dugi guides are loaded, because Grail was incorrectly using a variable that Dugi guides leaks into the global namespace.
   Caches the results obtained from _QuestsInLog() to make quest status updates faster, invalidating the cache as appropriate.
   Fixes a rare error caused when cleaning the database of reputation data evident by an "unfinished capture" error message.
   Adds the ability to treat the chests on the Timeless Isle as quests.
   Adds the slash command "/grail loot" to control whether the LOOT_CLOSED event is monitored as that is used to handle Timeless Isle chests.
   Makes persistent the settings for the slash commands "/grail tracking" and "/grail debug".
   Makes CanAcceptQuest() not return true if the quest is obsolete or pending.

   Updates some quest/NPC information.
   Incorporates prereqisite population API originally written in Wholly.
   Fills out the Pandaria "loremaster" achievements to include all the prerequisite quests for each sub achievement quest.

   Updates some quest/NPC information.
   Corrects an error that would cause an infinite loop in evaluating data in Ashenvale for quest 31815, Zonya the Sadist.

   Updates some quest/NPC information.
   Adds some Wrathion achievements.
   Moves some achievements into continents that are a little more logical.
   Separates some achievements to give a little finer-grain control.
   Updates some zhCN localizations.

   Adds Midsummer quests for Pandaria.
   Updates some quest/NPC information not associated with Midsummer.
   Changes _CleanDatabase() to better handle NPCs that have prerequisites.
   Corrects a problem where questReputations was not initialized when reputation data was not loaded.
   Adds the ability to have an equipped iLvl be used as a prerequisite.

   Corrects a problem with QuestPrerequisites() and nil data.

   Changes the Interface to 50300 for the 5.3.0 Blizzard release.
   Updates some quest/NPC information, primarily with the Isle of Thunder.
   Adds a new loadable addon, Grail-When, that records when quests are completed.
   Adds a flag to QuestPrerequisites(), allowing the lack of flag to cause the behavior to return to what it was previously, and with the flag the newer behavior.

   Makes it so choosing PvE or PvP for the day on Isle of Thunder is handled well.
   Adds IsQuestObsolete() and IsQuestPending() which use the new Z and E quests codes that can be present.  If either returns true, the quest is not available in the current Blizzard client.
   Adds support for the new way reputation information is being stored.
   Converts prerequisite information storage to no longer use tables, saving about 1.0 MB of space.


Uploaded on
Apr 10, 2014
Game version
  • 5.4.7
2.4 MiB