21 - Grail needs extra monitoring systems

1.  In Northern Stranglethorn there are quest givers that only appear once a quest is turned in AND the player has changed (sub)zones from that turn in location.  I have not yet been able to verify if Blizzard marks this transition with the completion of another bogus quest of theirs like they do with other things.  Even if this were the case, this would only help upon restart, as Blizzard does not post an event saying that bogus quest is complete.  If it did, life would be easier.

2.  In Theramore, there is a quest that is made available from Jaina about 40 seconds after completing another quest.  It would be nice to be able to be accurate about indicating when a quest is available with timers.  This may also be useful for some Firelands quests which seem to become available the next day after completing others.

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Nimhfree Sep 17, 2011 at 13:34 UTC Create

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    Maybe it would be easier to have some special case code for these "weird"  cases. Pop a note on the screen "Wait for 40 seconds" "leave the <named area> then return to trigger the next quests".

    It would be far more elegant to have "main" code for these quite few weirds but probably easier to just "kludge" it via a message.

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Sep 17, 2011
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