291 - Grail should communicate dailies to others

Grail should be enhanced so it can communicate the availability of specific dailies to other users of Grail.  This has to be limited to the current realm, though users should record information for multiple realms.  The types of quests that qualify for this broadcast needs to be marked because only certain quests would be of interest (like 1 of 5 cooking).  Note that certain groups of quests will need to handle multiple values from the group (like the Anglers' dailies).  The quests will need to be reset appropriately for each realm.  How are multiple servers grouped together handled?  Grail should probably broadcast the discovery of a daily quest when a Grail user  encounters it from the quest giver.  Grail should also broadcast the list of found daily quests when asked to do so by another Grail process.  The protocol should probably indicate the "type" of broadcast as well as the questId as we may want to augment the system in the future to handle more than just "daily found" type.  Having the user that provides the information is probably not needed in the broadcast, nor the time when found.  Grail, as the receiver, should just examine the list of questIds provided from its many broadcast stations and record them in its list of found dailies for that realm.  Grail needs to be augmented to "invalidate" quests from the same "daily group" not only based on the presence of a quest in the log, or completed that day, but also by checking this broadcast list of found dailies.  Newly found dailies from broadcast or actual interaction with the NPC should post a status notification as well, so clients like Wholly will be able to update their UI in real time to reflect the found quest.

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Nimhfree Jan 16, 2014 at 15:53 UTC Create

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Jan 16, 2014
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