Change log

Changes for rev. 81

  • Updated the 'About' window.

Changes for rev. 80

  • LibSpreadsheet seems to work properly.
  • Removed the interactiveness from the character names for now
  • Added a check to rebase() to account for nil values
  • Updated LibSpreadsheet

Changes for rev 79

  • Fixed some instances of the LibSpreadsheet tables not hiding properly
  • (Hopefully) fixed the locale issue once and for all.

Changes for rev. 72-78

  • Updated locales and LibSpreadsheet
  • Fixed a few bugs with some locales that shouldn't be locales

Changes for rev. 71

  • Fixed the final locale strings for the default language (enUS)

Changes for rev. 69-70

  • Updated LibSpreadsheet API
  • Fixed some locale bugs I just made ;(

Changes for rev. 68

  • Added locale tokens to GrappleLocale.lua

Changes for rev. 67

  • Changed cell callbacks to match the new LibSpreadsheet API
  • Fixed up some code for localisation purposes
  • Ported the aggro mgmt list to LibSpreadsheet

Changes for rev 66

  • Migrated to LibSpreadsheet-1.0 for displaying tables in Grapple.

Changes for rev. 65

  • Changed a silly mistake in the new feign death check that would bork the API

Changes for rev. 64

  • Moved some parts of the GrappleScore math into the focus score so it'll make more sense to people
  • Added a check for hunters using feign death, so their scores won't suffer from it

Changes for rev. 63

  • Added a fix to the pesky minimap button that kept reappearing when turned off
  • Changed modifiers for rogues

Changes for rev. 62

  • Added a new spell check to account for channeled casts that reports as multiple casts
  • Changed ApM for mages and warriors
  • Fixed a few row height/width issues with the spreadsheet system
  • Changed the way stack counts are shown in the Fumbulator. They now show as fx. a+b+c+d+e
  • Made the spells and debuffs in the reports clickable
  • Added a button for fixing the WoW combat log feature when it occasionally breaks

Changes for rev. 61

  • Fixed a minor bug in the Fumbulator where a listed debuff that did not hit a raid player per se would trigger an error
  • Added some checks to prevent the scoreboard from updating while hidden
  • Added a debuff check to differentiate between a debuff and a debuff stack in the Fumbulator
  • Changed modifiers for warlocks
  • Added a few checks to the code to minimize unwanted cpu usage
  • Changed the sorting mechanism for the Fumbulator lists

Changes for rev. 60

  • It's a release! Maybe!
  • Added a hook for the possibly upcoming GrappleScore addon
  • Added an option to show or hide the minimap button
  • Added functionality to paste spell links from the Fumbulator by shift-clicking their names
  • Attached combat status to the minimap button. It now glows either green or red depending on combat
  • Rearranged the tab list

Changes for rev. 59

  • Attempting to fix the bug with the scoreboard's scrollframe malfunctioning
  • Addressed the issue of far too much spacing between the rows in the new spreadsheet
  • Added an export feature for the Fumbulator lists
  • Corrected a few spell IDs that were off
  • Added some color codes to the debuffs in the Fumbulator to show if they're fumbles or not
  • Fixed a bug that would cap ApM at 60 for any class
  • Changed the ApM for Arcane Mages and Retribution Paladins considerably (due to forementioned bug)
  • Changed survival modifiers for most classes to reflect new data mining
  • Added a minimap button for easy access to Grapple
  • Added the "bad aggro mgmt" list to the Fumbulator

Changes for rev. 58

  • Added a homebrewed spread sheet system for aligning the scoreboards and fumbulator lists properly (yay!)
  • Changed the layout of the fumbulator lists

Changes for rev. 56-57

  • Good news, everyone; The Fumbulator is here! Try it out
  • Added some debuffs to the list of good ones
  • Added a new font string for large numbers in small spaces

Changes for rev. 55

  • Changed the syncing numbers from base 16 to base 36 to save approx. 25% traffic
  • Changed the sync syntax to match the new bases

Changes for rev. 54

  • Added some gooey and chilly debuffs to the list of unavoidable fumbles
  • Added some gooey and chilly spells to the list of stuff that should be avoided
  • Added some more debugging output for when debugging is enabled
  • Changed the syncing syntax to accommodate more fumbles
  • Changed the message sent to first-time users

Changes for rev. 53

  • Changed the sync syntax to include a revision number in case the syntax changes
  • Changed ApM modifiers for mages, warlocks and warriors
  • Changed the instance-wide sync duration to 30 seconds, up from 20 to reduce traffic
  • Added Arcane Blast to the list of good debuffs
  • Changed the saving of fight data to a clever reref instead, should save lots of cpu power
  • Added a secondary check to the sync timing in case the combat log doesn't work properly
  • Fixed a minor bug where Grapple would check raid ranks on syncs even if you weren't in a raid
  • Added Combustion and Consumption to the list of survivalFumbles

Changes for rev. 52

  • Added font strings Grapple_Number and Grapple_Standard for people with custom UIs

Changes for rev. 51

  • Changes some checks in the grapple math to avoid indefinite numbers
  • Aggros and Debuffs have changed to SurvivalFumbles and FocusFumbles to reflect the new use of fumbles

Changes for rev. 50

  • Added a proper check for raid leaders or assistants in the sync process (if set in options)
  • Fixed a bug where Grapple would not detect the player being in a raid
  • Added a check for certain damaging spells that should be considered a fumble
  • Updated the list of positive debuffs

Changes for rev. 49

  • Added checks for player's group status (in raid, battleground or not) to make the sync work properly
  • Fixed some silly bugs in the syncing that were not updating activity, uptime and damage taken
  • Added some more thank-yous in the about section
  • Added Battleground as an option for broadcasting reports
  • Added a few security checks to the detailed graphs so they won't go out of bounds.

Changes for rev. 48

  • Some more bugfixing and housecleaning
  • Added a break command in the death table traversal during syncs

Changes for rev. 47

  • Changed the sync methods so they all go through Grapple.commStack to prevent sudden bursts
  • Fixed a bug where Grapple would try to use the obsolete condenseTimer variable which doesn't exist anymore

Changes for rev. 45-46

  • Added more debuffs to the list of non-fumble debuffs
  • Added an optional synchronization function for syncing scores and deaths (only players) during a fight (not completely done)
  • Added an option to enable or disable Grapple in raids, 5-man groups or solo combat
  • Changed the death counter from being a table tally to a numerical value in each character sheet (for easier syncing)
  • Debugging will now output to ChatFrame3 instead of DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME (for obvious spam reasons)

Changes for rev. 44

  • Added a short GUID tag for players (for later use)
  • Added GrappleComm.lua which will be in charge of communication features
  • Removed the condense timer option, as this will be determined by the instance server from now on
  • Added a preliminary list of intentional debuffs that will not count as a fumble

Changes for rev. 43

  • Added the fumble score to the "entire session" entry as well as broadcasts.
  • Removed the defunct (and unwanted) macro snippet in Grapple:OnEnable()

Changes for rev. 42

  • Added metatable stuffings for the death watcher since it proved efficient
  • Started working on the fumble score (to be explained later on the wiki)

Changes for rev. 41

  • Even more package rummaging
  • Added a debuff counter for players (for later use)
  • Removed the deepcopy() function in the death watcher to speed things up

Changes for rev. 34-40

  • More package rummaging.

Changes for rev. 33

  • Added a check for special casts that are not considered spells by WoW but still require interaction (judgement, tricks of the trade etc)
  • Added a .pkgmeta file for externals

Changes for rev. 32

  • Still experimenting with a new way of calculating survivability
  • Dying in a fight will now lower your overall survivability in that fight by 20%
  • Changed ApM and survival modifiers for druids, warriors, paladins

Changes for rev. 31

  • Experimenting with a new way of calculating survivability
  • Changed ApM and survival modifiers for some classes

Changes for rev. 30

  • Added some spells to the build tracker (shamans, mages)
  • Changed ApM modifier for retri paladins to soothe the emos (or was it the emus)
  • Fixed (again) a bug where reporting the entire session to a channel would report it as "Current fight" by mistake
  • Fixed a bug where disabling console reports would partially disable the status window on the scoreboard
  • Changed survivability modifiers for most classes

Changes for rev. 29

  • Added some spells to the build tracker (shamans, mages)
  • Changed ApM modifier for retri paladins to soothe the emos (or was it the emus)
  • Fixed a bug where reporting the entire session to a channel would report it as "Current fight" by mistake
  • Fixed a bug where disabling console reports would partially disable the status window on the scoreboard
  • Changed survivability modifiers for most classes

Changes for rev. 28

  • Fixed a bug in the tallying of GrappleScore across an entire session
  • Changed ApM for demonology warlocks, shadow priests, balance druids, arms warriors, resto druids and feral druids (cat form)
  • Simplified the death watcher's log system to avoid some odd bugs
  • Fixed a bug where the fight list wouldn't display the default list (current fight, entire session) upon being cleared

Changes for rev. 27

  • Fixed a bug in death watcher where two deaths by the same person would display the same cause of death twice
  • Added some checks to the graph in case combat log was fubared
  • Added a check to see if a raid mob is a boss. This should result in fewer mob checks to find the main event of the fight
  • Fixed a bug in the drop-down menu for sending death logs to channels

Changes for rev. 26

  • Added a tombstone icon to the death watcher to tell the chosen player apart from other players
  • Changed the way icons are put on the graph so that tombstones will be placed above skulls, layer-wise
  • Changed the ApM modifier for survival hunters
  • Removed some deprecated lines of code

Changes for rev. 25

  • Changed the death watcher to only monitor "sentient" beings (NPCs and players, not pets or guardians)
  • Changed the Grapple math to include party or raid size
  • Debug mode now monitors both solo and party fights
  • Added an option to send death watcher's logs to a channel

Changes for rev. 24

  • Rebuilt the character and fight database to a more OOP-styled environment
  • Updated Ace3 libraries
  • Changed the plotting functions for the graphs
  • Added a death monitor that catches the last three damaging attack done to a player or foe
  • This is ALPHA ALHPA ALHPA - use at your own risk ;O

Changes for rev. 23

  • Minor modifications to the GrappleScore calculations
  • Changed ApM modifier for restoration shaman, marksman hunter, affliction warlock and arms warrior
  • Fixed a bug in the spell checker that were listing warlocks' affliction build as demonology
  • Added a configuration option to enable or disable combat reports

Changes for rev. 22

  • Added bear and cat form spells to the spell table to track feral tanks or feral DPS
  • Changed the survivability modifiers for mages, druids (cat/bear) and elemental shamans
  • Modified the ChangeBuild() function to accommodate the new dire bear build
  • Fixed the history drop down widget so it'll update properly when a new fight is added
  • Some UI tweaking

Changes for rev. 21

  • Re-added a missing library

Changes for rev. 20

  • Added a macro creation feature
  • Changed the default score modifiers for all classes
  • Changed the combat log parser to more efficiently ignore irrelevant events
  • Reverted the default condense timer back to 15 seconds
  • Removed libs that were no longer in use
  • Removed redundant/deprecated checks from the tabulating routine to speed up the process
  • Fixed a bug in the report list where it would default to nil (now defaults to "raid")
  • Fixed a bug where the character build would not update when set manually
  • Changed bits in the combat parser to properly report damage taken for each player

Changes for rev. 19

  • Fixed a bug where Penance would not be recognized as a discipline talent
  • Changed score modifiers for warriors, rogues and shamans
  • Added a button to delete a single entry
  • Added a toggle for enabling or disabling Grapple during PvP
  • Added an option to set the number of recorded fights to keep
  • Added an option to set the update frequency
  • Cleaned up some combat parsing to minimize CPU usage

Changes for rev. 18

  • Ported the locale feature to AceLocale.
  • Changed the database layout to better suit new features
  • Added a build tracker that automatically figures out the current build being used by raiders.
  • Made character builds local to every fight to account for players switching builds during a raid
  • Lowered the condense timer from 15 seconds to 10
  • Added an "About" tab.
  • Changed the calculation of GrappleScore to fix a few flaws

Changes for rev. 17

  • Fixed some bugs caused by rev. 16 that would disable the addon completely on a wipe call
  • Changed the score modifiers based on new data
  • Fixed a bug where the scoreboard wouldn't update on changing a player's build
  • Added a few tweaks to minimize CPU usage

Changes for rev. 16

  • Re-added the missing text in the details pane
  • Added an internal options tab for people wanting to toy around with the modifiers on-the-fly.

Changes for rev. 15

  • Compacted the console options. Use /grap [command] to use a feature instead. See wiki for updates
  • Finalized (I hope) the new calculation routines for scores to conserve CPU and memory when calculating the entire session on the fly
  • Fixed a typo in the string.format() function that displays the duration of a fight
  • Added a sorting mechanism to the scoreboard. You can now sort entries after survival, focus, activity and so on

Changes for rev. 14

This revision will only be released as alpha, as some of the functionality might cause fps issues.

  • Added spell interrupts done on purpose as an activity (fx. interrupting a spell cast to conserve mana)
  • Added a debug feature for testing Grapple outside raids
  • Fixed some obvious flaws in the graph system that were placing values at the wrong time in a fight
  • Added a (temporary) solution to show scoreboards for the entire session. This might be a CPU hog!
  • Added tabbed browsing to make better use of the space.

Changes for rev. 13

  • Added a "wipe it" feature to stop monitoring in case a wipe is called. Use /grapwipe to call a wipe
  • Added periodic damage from mobs to the damage taken monitor
  • Changed sub-class modifiers based on new data

Changes for rev. 12

  • Added an option to display the scoreboard report in a text box for exporting the data.

Changes for rev. 11

  • Added power status to the monitoring (mana, rage, energy, runic power etc)
  • Added a tweak for fix a bug in AceGUI where ScrollFrames wouldn't display the bottom of a frame
  • Changed the modifiers for protection specced tanks to reflect the devastate + heroic strike combo.
  • Fixed a bug in the score calculation where a player in a fight of <10 minutes would be able to get a perfect score (whichi is against the rules!)

CHanges for rev. 10

  • Cleaned up a bit of code
  • Changed the rule-set behind the GrappleScore a bit
  • Changed the graphical layout of the progression graphs
  • Started on the Grapple wiki!
  • First official beta version, hooray.

Changes for rev. 9

  • Added a report function for sending fight stats to in-game channels.
  • Changed the layout of the scoreboard
  • Added a health monitor to the progression graph
  • Fixed some divide-by-zero bugs
  • Changed score modifiers a bit

Changes for rev. 8

  • Fixed some bugs that were causing crashes when players took damage
  • Changed the mathematical philosophy behind the GrappleScore (more changes to come before rev. 10)
  • Added some initial code in preparation for the upcoming report feature.
  • Added some redundant checks to avoids out-of-bounds errors in libGraph

Changes for rev. 7

  • Huge overhaul of the fight database structure (restart of WoW required on update)
  • Further segmentation of code into separate files for beatification
  • Added multiple checks to ignore corrupted or invalid fight data
  • Changed the direction of the fight selection menu
  • Changed score calculations to adapt saved scores to changes in player build.

Changes for rev. 6

  • Started the initial neatification of the source code
  • Added locale feature (for later use)
  • Fixed a few graphical bugs
  • Fixed a calculation error in the uptime and focus.

Changes for rev. 5

  • Cleaned up a few lines of code
  • Changed the ToC to avoid redundancy
  • Added a few error checks to the detailed window

Changes for rev. 4

  • Fixed a typo that was crashing the data condensing mechanism.
  • Modified GUI slightly, a few nips and tucks.
  • Added preliminary descriptions to the vital parts of the scoreboard.
  • Changed the weighting of uptime and damage taken, factored in deaths as a directly modifying constant to better reflect survival skills.

Changes for rev. 3

  • Changed default behavior of the scoreboard to hidden at start.
  • Cleaned up a bit of unused code.

Changes for rev. 2

Initial (buggy?) alpha release. The basic functionality seems to be in order, however the detailed view of players' performance during a fight or session is incomplete. session-wide assessment does not yet work, only the per-fight view produces actual results. Data collection needs some cleaning up.


Uploaded on
Aug 25, 2010
Game version
  • 3.3.5
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