How to report a bug in Grid

Following these instructions will ensure that your bug report is useful, and that we can find and fix the problem quickly!

1. Check for a newer version of Grid.

Please make sure you are using the latest release version before reporting a bug. If it’s been a while since the last release, you might also try a beta version.

2. Check to see if the bug was already reported in the bug tracker or is listed in the FAQ.

Please do not submit new reports about issues that already have an open ticket. Instead, check the ticket to see if you can provide any more information that the original submitter did not provide. The more information you can give us, the faster we can find and fix the bug.

However, if you do not have new information to add, please don't post a comment just to say “me too” or repeat information that someone else already posted. These types of comments just clutter up the ticket and make it harder to read.

3. Disable all other addons, including Grid plugins.

Many issues reported to us are actually caused by outdated plugins. While plugins do interact with Grid, they are separate addons written and maintainted by separate authors, and the Grid team cannot provide any support for them. If the problem only happens when a plugin is enabled, contact the plugin’s author instead.

4. Switch to a new profile in Grid with default settings, and then reload your UI.

If you’ve been using Grid for a long time, you may have settings saved in your profile that aren’t used by current versions of Grid, or your saved settings may have gotten corrupted. Switching to a new profile with default settings is a quick and easy way to find out if something in your settings is triggering the bug.

If the problem does not happen with default settings, please include your saved settings file with your bug report. This file is located in World of Warcraft » WTF » Account » <YOUR ACCOUNT ID> » SavedVariables » Grid.lua

5. Install Bugger to check for Lua error messages.

If you already have BugSack, Swatter, or a similar addon installed, you can use that instead.

If you absolutely do not want to (or can’t) install a custom error display, please at least enable the “Show Lua Errors” option under Interface Options > Help, and mention in your report that you don’t have a custom error display, so we know we still need to check for certain types of errors; the default error display does not show errors that occur early in the loading process.

You should only include the first error message that appears. Usually, subsequent errors are actually caused by the first error, and do not actually indicate a separate bug in Grid.

Please do not include the lists of local variables or installed addons that may be shown after the actual error message. This information is almost never useful, and just clutters up your report.

6. Submit a bug report:

Report bugs in the CurseForge ticket tracker. You will need to create a Curse account first, but this only takes a few seconds.

Please don’t report multiple bugs in a single ticket. If you do, it takes longer to find and fix them, because we have to spend time creating new tickets for the additional bugs, and it’s often hard to tell which information goes with which bug. If you are reporting multiple bugs, please submit multiple tickets!

The following information should be provided in any new bug report. Remember, the more information you can give us, the faster we can find and fix the bug. If you don’t give us enough information, we may not be able to find the bug at all.

  • Grid version
    • If you aren’t sure, check the “Grid.toc” file in the addon’s folder.
    • Don’t use relative terms like “latest” or “newest”.
  • WoW version, region, and language
    • If you aren’t sure, check the lower left corner of the login screen.
    • Don’t use relative terms like “latest” or “newest”.
  • Step-by-step instructions we can follow to make the bug happen
  • What you think should happen when you follow those steps, and what actually happens for you
  • The exact text of the first error message that appears
    • Don’t include lists of local variables or installed addons.

Depending on the type of bug, you should also include:

  • If the bug is triggered by your settings (Step #4), please include a copy of your saved settings file, and include the exact name of the profile you are using. Attach the file to your ticket, or upload it somewhere and include the URL in your ticket.
    • Your saved settings file is stored in World of Warcraft » WTF » Account » <YOUR ACCOUNT ID> » SavedVariables » Grid.lua
  • If the bug is graphical (eg. something looks wrong on the screen), please include a screenshot. Attach the image to your ticket, or upload it somewhere and include the URL in your ticket.
    • Screenshots taken in WoW are automatically saved in World of Warcraft > Screenshots
  • If you’ve already fixed the bug yourself, please fork the repo on GitHub, commit your changes to your fork, and submit a pull request. Alternatively, attach a patch file or your modified Grid file(s) to your ticket.