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Jul 27, 2016 Mithorium Release Required dependency
GridAutoSizeLayout GridAutoSizeLayout resizes the Grid frame to fit any raid composition. Are you tired of: Having to change Grid layout every time you want to do a world boss? Seeing empty space on your Grid frame because its set to 40 man and there are only 15 people in your BG? Well prepare to have your mind blown by GridAutoSizeLayout! GridAutoSizeLayout adds two layouts "Auto Groups" and "Auto Groups w/Pets" to Grid's layouts. When selected, the layouts automatically resize the Grid...


Jul 24, 2016 Phanx Release Required dependency
Grid plugin to show who was healed by your multi-target healing spells. Zeigt auf Grid die durch Eure Heilungszauber der mehrerer Ziele geheilt wurde. Mostrar en Grid que fue sanada por tus hechizos de curación de múltiples objetivos. Afficher dans Grid à ceux qui vie rendus par vos sorts de soins de multiples cibles. Mostrare sulla Grid che è stato curato dalle tue incantesimi curative di multipli obiettivi. Mostrar no Grid que foi curado por seu feitiços de cura de múltiplos alvos....


Jul 20, 2016 Emyst Release Required dependency
Tired of having 5 plugins for Grid to add extra indicators and still not have them exactly how you want? GridIndicatorsDynamic adds an option menu to the Grid menu where you can create all the indicators you need and configure them separately by changing their positions, sizes, ... Supports text indicators, icons with cooldown frame, and the simple colored boxes.


Jun 24, 2015 slaren Abandoned Required dependency
Adds a status to Grid for tanking and survival cooldowns. Advantages over custom auras Able to show buff caster Easier to configure & manage That's about it. Spells supported Most (defensive) spells should be supported. Check the status options for the full list and to configure priorities. If you think that there is a spell missing that should be added, feel free to post a comment or open a ticket about it.


Mar 05, 2015 slaren Abandoned Required dependency
Grid status module to help priests decide the target for their area heals. Features Finds the best target for Circle of Healing and Prayer of Healing, based on the estimated total heal, and sets a status on it if the estimated heal is over a configured threshold Supports text (estimated heal), icon (spell icon) and standard indicators Supports GridStatusEmphasize


Feb 26, 2015 Phanx Release Required dependency
Grid plugin to show debuffs which reduce or prevent healing received. Auf Grid die Schwächungszauber anzeigen, die die erhaltene Heilung verringern oder verhindern. Mostrar sobre Grid los perjuicios que reducen o impiden la sanación recibida. Afficher sur Grid les affaiblissements qui diminuent ou empêchent les soins reçus. Mostrare su Grid le penalità che riducono o impediscono la cura ricevuta. Mostrar sobre Grid as penalidades que impedem ou reduzem a cura recebida. Description...
Rejuvenation and Germination


Feb 18, 2015 slaren Release Required dependency
Adds a status to Grid that allows tracking of Rejuvenation and Rejuvenation (Germination) in the same indicator. When both buffs are applied on the unit, this is shown in the indicator as if it had 2 stacks. The duration of the one expiring first is always shown. Note that this is mainly intended to be used with an icon indicator.


Feb 09, 2015 slaren Release Required dependency
Adds a direction arrows status to Grid, showing the direction to your group members. To use it, assign it to any icon indicator. By default, the status will only be used on players more than 30 yards away from you; check the status options if you wish to change this number.
Sorted grid by 7

Grid Alternative Layouts

Nov 04, 2014 ukoterpuh Release Required dependency
This addon adds layouts to grid what sort members based on their dungeon/party role. Comes in a couple of options to lay out bars by 5, 6, 7 and 8 per line.
Icon Indicators


Oct 21, 2014 slaren Beta Required dependency
Adds text and icon indicators for each corner and each side using the new indicator API in Grid. Usage All the added indicators are prefixed with "Extra Icon" and "Extra Text". Additionally there are some options under Frame → Extra Indicators. Acknowledgments Special thanks to Typhosy for his help testing the addon.


Dec 07, 2013 Phanx Abandoned Required dependency
THIS ADDON IS NO LONGER MAINTAINED OR SUPPORTED. Grid now includes leader, assistant, and master looter statuses by default. Shows group leadership roles in Grid. Party Leader -- solid crown icon, "L" text, or blue color Raid Leader -- solid crown icon, "L" text, or red color Raid Assistant -- hollow crown icon, "A" text, or orange color Master Looter -- loot icon, "M" text, or yellow color You can customize the color and text for each status in the Grid options menu. Each status can be...


Nov 30, 2013 Phanx Abandoned Required dependency
Adds spell-based range checking to Grid, and the ability to check multiple ranges. This plugin works exactly the same as the old multiple range-checking in Grid earlier than r1404. If you don't have a specific need for this method of range checking, it is strongly recommended that you just use Grid's standard range checking feature instead of this plugin. Language Support Works in all languages. Translated into English, Deutsch, Español, Français, Italiano, Português, Русский, 한국어, 简体中文, and...


Apr 07, 2013 watchout Abandoned Required dependency
This addon is obsolete with the current release-version of Grid. This addon is a utility extension/plugin for Grid. The only thing it does is adding a right-click unit menu to your grid raid frames. To make better use of this addon, I suggest using it with an addon like Clique to customize the mouse bindings. Read this great post by trogdorhunter in the comments about how GridUnitMenu and Clique work together: Post Set Focus Set focus is a protected function, and when clicking this menu item,...
Options Menu


Jan 01, 2013 Tirds Abandoned Required dependency
Most Recent Changes V0.4.1b Adding some updates to ChiBurst, also moving to a beta version for more users to try. V0.4.0a Adding inital commit of the new Chi Burst Status. This should be tested more, also needs to be optimized. There are also plenty of TODOS in the code to add features and update healing coefficients etc.. v0.3.1 Optimized code to use GridRoster. Should be a little less of a resource hog. Also fixed some issues where PlayersInArea was not working, and ChainHealStatus was not...


Oct 18, 2012 slaren Abandoned Required dependency
Grid module to emphasize units (by making them blink) based on some configured conditions. Currently: Auras Health Raid target icons GridStatusPriestAoe targets


Oct 17, 2012 slaren Abandoned Required dependency
Adds two distance related statuses to Grid: Distance to you Distance to closest player Note: accurate distances are only available on zones with a map.


Sep 21, 2012 misterb1986 Abandoned Required dependency
Indicates the raid members with the most other raid members within a specified range. By default it will show the 3 raid members with the most other raid members within 7 yards. Created mainly to assist with Efflorescence placement.


Sep 09, 2012 CrazyBenny Abandoned Required dependency
Features: Automatically resizes frame layout depending on group/raid size. Adjusts frame size as predefined for each zone. e.g. 10 for normal Naxxramas, 25 for heroic Naxxramas, 15 for Eye of the Storm. You can set, which strategy will be used in options. You can choose between normal layouts and layouts with pets. Pet layouts can be used either all the time, or just when your pet is active. FAQ: Where can I find the configuration options? It's part of the Grid configuration dialog, that you...
Health Fade Example


Aug 29, 2012 saiket Abandoned Required dependency
GridStatusHealthFade adds a status to the Grid unit frame add-on that changes color based on units' health. (Originally written by North101) The status can be configured with two colors to blend from max health to no health. By default, the color will fade from green at max health to bright red at low health.
GridStatusRes in action


Dec 19, 2011 Phanx Abandoned Required dependency
This addon is no longer maintained or supported. Grid now includes a built-in Resurrection status, so this plugin is no longer needed. GridStatusRes displays resurrections and soulstones in Grid. It is compatible with oRA3, CTRA, SmartRes, and any other addons using LibResComm-1.0.