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Good evening,
I am working on using Grid for healing. However, currently the way I heal (I primarily focus on 10-man raiding) is to use the F keys to target my party, and macro five more keys (F6-F10) manually to target the other group. So far, so good.

The problem is, in a 10-man raid, Grid chooses an incredibly arbitrary order for the raid members. While this is fine for the group I manually assign, it completely breaks party targetting, because I don't know who goes where.

Is there any way that Grid can have an option to order units the same way Blizzard does?

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    Grid uses alphabetical order to sort players, by name, within each group. The alphabet is hardly "incredibly arbitrary". If you want your raid frames sorted in another way, you'll need to write a custom layout that sorts by index rather than by name.

    Make a new folder in your AddOns folder called GridLayouts. Inside, create two text files:


    ## Interface: 30200


    GridLayout:AddLayout(L["By Group 10 Indexed"], {
    	[1] = {
    		groupFilter = "1",
    		sortMethod = "INDEX",
    	[2] = {
    		groupFilter = "2",
    		sortMethod = "INDEX",

    Note that the above is simply a copy-and-paste of the "By Group 10" layout from the GridLayoutLayouts.lua file in Grid, with the addition of the "INDEX" sortMethod. You can use the same tactic to add index-sorted versions of any layout. Just make sure to give it a unique name (in the above example I added "Indexed" to the name) to avoid conflicts.

    I'm marking this ticket as Declined, as it isn't really within the scope of Grid to provide in-game control over every aspect of the secure layout. There are third-party plugins that do have in-game interfaces for creating new layouts, but I haven't used any of them.

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