633 - Add dynamic "Role" Status to standard

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Dwarf, Paladin, Retribution, 85

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It seems like GridStatusRole is no longer being maintained, because Greltok has been online regularly (last time yesterday) but still there is no update for this addon to work with 5.x and no answers to forum posts either.
I tried GridStatusDungeonRole as a replacement but it statically depends on the role you set yourself. This might work well in "LF..." scenarios where this is automatically set and almost never changes but does not work i.e. for 10-man main raids where a lot of swapping of specs takes place for different fights.

So I would like to request to incorporate the functionality of a dynamic role detection into Grid (the way GridStatusRole now works) as a status into Grid.

I was surprised myself how much I miss this, but those little green and red dots play an important role in my decisions, whether to "hand" or "layonhands" someone when he draws aggro.

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Feature request

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    I have no plans to add anything to Grid that requires inspecting the entire group and scanning their talents, sorry. Marking the tanks as tanks takes so little time, there's really no reason not to do it. If nobody in your raid wants to be in charge of marking roles, you can just run a role check to make everyone confirm their current role.

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