659 - Reduce minimum frame padding

Grid version:


WoW version and region/language:

5.0.5 (16135) (Release x64), enUS

Steps to reproduce the problem:

  1. Set "Padding" to the minimum value (0).
  2. Look at the frame spacing.

Screenshot, if the problem is graphical:

What Grid currently does (2 pixels between frames):
What I would like it to do (1 pixel between frames):

I realize that this is sort of fine if you're using the frame border indicator, but I don't intend to. In my blissful naïveté I imagine that this should just be a matter of allowing users to set the Padding value to a minimum of -1 (or even -2, though I personally wouldn't use that).

(Sorry if I mangled the ticket format; first time submitting one, and it's at least a very simple problem to describe.)

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  • Avatar of Phanx Phanx Oct 29, 2012 at 20:44 UTC - 1 like

    Your ticket formatting is fine; there is currently a bug in the ticket system that makes everyone see the Defect (bug) ticket template no matter what kind of ticket they select. The actual template for Enhancement (request) tickets is pretty much what you ended up with.

    Anyway, I don't have any plans to change this, since users should not be able to place frames so that their borders overlap. If the extra 1 pixel gap bothers you so much, you can run this macro to force it to 0. You will have to run it again if you open the options window (after you close it).

    /run local GL = Grid:GetModule("GridLayout"); GL.db.profile.Padding = -1;

    Alternatively, you could set the border width to 0 so that the visible parts of each frame fill the entire frame, though again, I don't have any plans to add this as an option in Grid as users should not be able to set the border width to 0, since doing so would inevitably lead to those same users posting bug reports about the border "not working". If you are using r1543 or higher (committed today) use this macro:

    /run local GF = Grid:GetModule("GridFrame"); GF.db.profile.BorderSize = 0;
         GF:WithAllFrames("SetBorderSize", 0)

    If you are using an older version (eg. the latest release version) use this macro:

    /run local GF = Grid:GetModule("GridFrame"); GF.db.profile.BorderSize = 0;
         GF:WithAllFrames(function(f) f:SetBorderSize(0) end)

    Obviously, remove the linebreaks from the macros. The code display on ticket comments is not very good, so I just wrapped the lines manually.

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