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Feature Request: Is it possible for Grid to sort players by their role? It's annoying when everyone is stockpiled into one big heap and one has no idea who is who (role indicator plugin isn't that helpful, plus plugins like Dynamic Layout, Custom Layout or Configurable Layout cause more complication and provoke additional LUA errors, which isn't helpful either).

Summary: Grid is able to sort players by class, by name, but not by role. Is the latter achievable?

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    Short answer:

    No. Use a plugin.

    Long answer:

    Grid uses Blizzard's secure group header system. Under this system, Grid creates a header, and the game automatically adds frames to the header based on the attributes set on the header. Headers can filter for groups (eg. show everyone in groups 1 and 2), classes (eg. show all rogues and warriors), or specific names (eg. show Dick, Jane, and Harry) and can sort sequentially by index (eg. show raid1 before raid2), alphabetically by name (eg. show Dick before Harry), or arbitrarily by name (eg. show Dick then Jane then Harry).

    Grid does support filtering by group or class, and sorting by index or name. Grid does not support filtering or sorting with a custom name list, because there is no way to generalize name lists. You have to re-do them every time your group changes.

    There are some plugins that attempt to manage name lists for you, by scanning specs and putting the names of everyone with a tank spec together, or by asking you to pick a group for each new player who joins the group, etc. but this functionality will likely never be added to Grid itself, because it's a huge amount of complicated code for such a small feature, relatively speaking. This is why you see a lot of plugins written to do this, that break any time the smallest thing in Grid or WoW changes, and end up not being maintained. It's just more work than it's worth, from an addon author standpoint.

    In particular, getting someone's spec requires dealing with the inspect API, which is a horribly designed system, breaks all the time, fails when multiple addons try to use it, and is generally a nightmare to work with.

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