716 - Time left and stack count option in addition to stack count and time left

I love that Grid now has the option to display both duration and stack count as text but I would strongly prefer an option where the duration comes first as when I first glance at status I want to see what is most important first and I believe that to be the time left and not stack count.

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    I'm actually not very pleased that someone added the combined count+duration option in the first place, as showing 500 pieces of text everywhere is absolutely not what Grid is supposed to be doing.

    I would strongly recommend using the text to show duration if you really need it (eg. for auras that you actually need to maintain 100% uptime on like rolling Lifeblooms) and using the color to show the count (eg. green = 3, yellow = 2, red = 1).

    I'll be starting a discussion in the Grid forum thread about the fate of the count+duration option. If you think your use-case is a good argument in favor of keeping this option, feel free to come to the forum thread and argue your point.

    Here is a link to the thread, starting with my post on this subject:

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