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There is no longer a need for this plugin, Grid release version 1.30200.2009120101 fixed the bug. But if you want a health threshold based on HP VALUE and NOT %, this plugin does it

Display HP value in Grid (not deficit).

This function (unit health) bugs with original grid, that's why I developed this plugin. It's my first addon, so be lenient :)

Standard Installation and configuration:

  • Copy the extracted folder into your wow addons folder
  • Conf. in game: Grid/Status/Health value
  • Display priority

You can set a health value. If a unit will have less health than this value, the unit health value will be display in Grid. So, it is based on HP value and not %

This is a plugin for Grid, you must have Grid installed.

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Dec 02, 2009
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Dec 02, 2009
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