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GridSwiftmend is a status plug-in for the Grid Unit Frames addon. It is specifically for restoration druids so they know exactly when and who to Swiftmend and use their Nature's Swiftness macro on.

GridSwiftmend is ment to remind you when you have the ability ready and you can set threshold values for health and time left on the HoTs so you can get the most out of Swiftmending.


I would recommend that you use as a Health Bar Color or Border status as they are very clear to spot in the Grid along with the center text (see image).

There are several ways you can tweak the settings. The most important setting is of course making the status visible in grid.

You are going to want to set the "Health Threshold" setting also. If a unit goes below this amount of health and has a Regrowth or Rejuvenation spell on him (and your Swiftmend is ready) the status will activate.

Apart from Swiftmend statuses you can also setup statuses for your Nature's Swiftness + Healing Touch macro if you use one. Here is the one I use:

/stopmacro [@mouseover, dead]
/cast Nature's Swiftness
/cast [@mouseover] Healing Touch

You can set up the Nature's Swiftness status to only show for tanks using the "Tanks Only" option. I use this for some fights but I generally leave it off. You have to make sure that your raid leader sets Main Tanks in the raid interface in order for it to work.

Other Recomendations

You are gonna need to have Grid installed. Also I STRONGLY RECOMMEND getting Clique which allows you to cast spells by clicking on the Grid Cells. And make big grid sells that are easy to hit.

GridStatusHoTs is also a great plug-in for Grid and I couldn't live without it. You can have the different corners of the Grid cells light up depending on which hots you have active on the unit.

Another addon I strongly urge you to download is GridManaBars; It (as the name suggests) show mana bars in grid. (TIP: Set the bars at the bottom)

Also you should consider resizing the Grid frames to another shape (Rectangular) and turn Bar Orientation horizontal instead.


If you encounter a bug please leave a comment with the LUA error message, or at least a detailed description of how to make the bug reappear.


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Apr 11, 2008
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May 22, 2010
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