Goldpaw's gUI3 (MoP)

gUI™ v3.0 for MoP

Update September 2014:

gUI4 beta has been released, which renders gUI3 more or less obsolete. I will not be updating gUI3 to work with WoD and patch 6.0+. gUi4 will however - eventually - feature a gUI3-styled theme, and thus it will in time replace gUI3 entirely. The following addons will eventually make up the gUI4 addon suite, though not all will initially be available:

gUI4 Core(required):

Current gUI4 modules(optional):

Currently unreleased gUI4 modules:

Follow gUI and its status at...

Ok. Now back to gUI3:

Most important gUI3 chat commands:

  • /glock - unlock bars and stuff for movement. This can be keybound.
  • /bind - open the hover-keybind dialog for actionbars. This can be keybound.
  • /togglebags - Toggles whether the bags can be moved around or not
  • /showbinds - show your keybinds on the actionbuttons
  • /hidebinds - hide the keybinds again
  • /rl - reload the user interface. This can be keybound.
  • /gui - the main addon options menu

Where can I submit bugs?

You can't, not for gUI3 any longer.

Get gUI for even older versions of WoW

I refer to for the patch 4.x Cataclysm version of gUI™. No versions exists for patch 3.x or lower, never has, and never will.


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