This project is abandoned.

Whether this project is out of date or its author marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

If you wish to take this project over, please report it and state your intentions.

GuildAds is an all-in-one tool for guilds to share items, see each other's gear, track alts, and more.

Inside a channel, players can

  • chat
  • see which objects are need by others
  • see which objects are offered by others
  • see skills and professions of all players
  • see the reputation of all players
  • inspect (equipment/talents) other player everywhere
  • post articles in the in-game forum

It does NOT send account information : to group player by account, a random id is created.

User manual

see web site :

More in details

Left click on Guildads minimap button to open GuildAds. Make a right click to open the options window.

You can also use hotkey, or the chat command :

  • /guildads toggle
  • /guildads options

ad's owner are show in grey when they are offline.

The trade tab

there is 4 subtab :

  • the need tab shows items need by players.
  • the have tab shows items offer/sell by others players.
  • the craft tab shows items that can be crafted by all players. Hold ALT while mouse-over an item and the craft-tooltip is displayed instead.
  • the "my ads" tab shows your own ads. To add an item shift-click on an item when this frame is opened. It work with your inventory, your bank, vendors, auction house, equipment, inspect window, tradeskills, chat link. It also handles these addons : MyInventory, AllInOneInventory, MyBank, BankItem, BankStatement, Auctioneer, MyBags, OneBag, EngInventory, ItemsMatrix, LootLink.
  • Item tooltip shows who can craft the item.

The skill tab

  • The skills tab shows all crafted items by players. To send this information, you need to open yours profession windows.

The reputation tab

  • This tab shows the reputation of all players, grouped per faction. Players hidden in guild tab are also hidden in reputation tab.

The guild tab

  • This tab shows all players with level, class, race, and guild. Group by account show reroll. Officers (those who can guild-kick) can blacklist players (removes that players information from all databases). Use the command line to whitelist player: /guildads admin allow Playername (replace Playername with the player to whitelist).

The forum tab

  • This tab shows the in-game forum where players can post and reply to post. Unread posts are shown with a larger font, sticky post are shown with a start, locked posts are shown with a gray font and officer posts (only visible to officers) are shown with a red background. Those who can view the officer note can view officer posts and those who can edit officer notes can make officer posts.


  • In guild tab, right click on player name, you will be able to inspect, invite, whisper the selected player. The inspect window shows both equipped items and talent configuration.

The chat channel

If you are in a guild :

  • if the pattern [GA:channelName,password] or [GA:channelName] is found in Guild Info text, you join channelName (with the password if it is set).
  • if the pattern is not found, you join GuildAds<name of your guild without space>.

If you are not in guild, you join GuildAds<your name> channel.

You can can change the default behaviour, in the options window.

 /ga allow to speak on the GuildAds channel as /g or /p

Chat commands

 /guildads : show/hide GuildAds window
 /guildads config : show GuildAds configuration window
 /guildads reset all : erase all GuildAds data, and reset the user interface (you will have "some" lag).
 /guildads reset channel : erase all data about the current channel.
 /guildads debug on : show the debug tab
 /guildads debug off : hide the debug tab
 /guildads debug info : show some debug informations
 /guildads admin show : show the black/white list

Feature Requests

If you have a feature requests, you can see the current list and post a new one here :


And view the list, and submit bugs here :


  • Ian Pieragostini (WantAds) : GuildAds started as a modification of WantAds
  • Sij (Guilded) for chat communication
  • Vincent of Blackhand (Component) for shift-click hook
  • ElPico for enchant support
  • Cloudernia, Graurock and Gobaresch for german translation
  • [email protected] Errantes, Simon Calas for spanish translation
  • My guild for the tests
  • Apearse for all feedbacks.
  • Galmok for becoming a member of the project.

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  • 1 comment
  • Avatar of Bobowich Bobowich Aug 10, 2010 at 13:27 UTC - 0 likes

    It would be fine If you could add a passive view on GuildBank. And combining this addon with EPGP/DKP or another looting system would be nice too :)

    And by the way, I have a small problems with guild members who left the guild, because they have still joined my channel, could you change the settings of the addon so if you leave guild it will leave the channel too?

    Thank you and sorry for my bad English :)

  • 1 comment


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