GuildGreet Extended

6 - Re-styling the list/header

What is the enhancement in mind? How should it look and feel?
While using a highly stylized UI, it is difficult to make the GG list and header fit in. It would be nice if there were ways to re-size it, or change the alpha, or disable the header (using it like any other anchor that disappears when it is locked). Even better would be the option to re-skin it and items in the list, using borders and backgrounds from either Blizzard's resources or LibSharedmedia.

Another interesting (though perhaps outside the scope of this mod) idea might be to to put the greet button in-line with chat. For example -
[Name] has earned the achievement [Achievement]! - [grats]
[Name] is now online! - [greet]
I have seen a similar thing done with chat mods which let you click on pre-defined words to invite the message originator to a group. For example -
[Name]: Hey, can you [invite] me?
Where the mod sees the word invite, brackets it, and when you click on it, you invite Name. Now I don't know if this is even possible, and even if it is possible, how useful you or other users would find it to be. I am of the opinion that it would get a little addon clutter off the screen.

I like that I can right click names to do essentially the same thing, but without the ability to make the list/header disappear, it doesn't help very much.

Thank you as always for your time, consideration, and updates =)

(Sorry for all my recent tickets - I LOVE this mod so much!...)

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