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GuildWho allows you to easily find out whose alt someone is, or which alts someone has. You can use slash commands to find out on whom someone is online, or print someone's alts. You can also print alts via the right click player menu in the chat and friends frame, or see alts in a tooltip via the guild roster.


/gwho character - Find who this character is online as.
/alts character - List this character's alts.

Because of limitations in the API, if a note was updated in the last 10 seconds, your results may not be accurate!

How it works/you can make it work:

  • "Mains" are created as long as any character has a valid name in its note.
  • A valid name is the first sequence of letters (determined by [^%s%d%p]) found in the note.
  • The main does not have to be a valid character name, and if it's not, it will exist merely to link the alts together, and not appear as a real character in any of the addon's features.
  • Characters can not refer to each other, and should all refer to the same main.

TLDR: Put the name of the main character in the alts' notes.


Date created
Feb 27, 2008
Last update
Apr 23, 2013
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  • R: 3.5.1 for 5.2.0 Apr 23, 2013
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