Archived History

v2.3.2 (07.10.2011)

Added two new views:

  • Bars view: This view is nearly identical to GridBars, but with no need need to specify the number of bars. The advantage is having no wasted screenspace. The disadvantage is slighly fewer layout options.
  • Logger view: This acts like a mini chat frame window where spell usage and availability changes are written. It can be used as a reference to determine who is using spells at appropriate times.

Fixed bug:

  • Sometimes bars would show transparent when they weren't supposed to.

v2.3 (07.06.2011)

Major Feature Summary

  • Merge spells capability (many spells can be treated as one)
  • Better out of the box Spell Monitor support (cooldowns, adjustments, and requirements are provided by Hermes.)
  • Enable/disable containers (hide containers you don't need until later)
  • Filter players (ignore groups 6-8, offline players, etc.)
  • Any given spell can now exist in multiple containers (or none at all).
  • Significantly more bar configuration options.
  • Proper ButtonFacade implementation (with Masque support as well).
  • Improved configuration screens.
  • Added Duration Timer for CooldownBars and GridBars views.
  • Additional default spells added.
  • UI Architecture overhaul (see below)

UI Architecture Changes

  • The old UI has been replaced by the new UI, affectionately named "UI".
  • Drag and Drop has been removed. Spells are now ordered via the "Spells" configuration tab of each container.
  • Spells are no longer limited to a single container, nor are they required to exist in any containers. This is also configured in the "Spells" configuration tab of each container.
  • Containers now have views. Views control how a container displays itself. Each view has it's own configuration settings.
  • A Container only has one active view, but you can change it's view at any time. Change the view in the "Container" tab of a container.
  • The three views available today are:
    • CooldownBars: This is a direct replacement for "LightUI". If you were a fan of LightUI, this is the view you'll want to use.
    • GridButtons: This is the default button style view that current users are familiar with. Spells are arranged automatically via an invisible grid.
    • GridBars: A highly customizable spell bar view, spells are arranged automatically via an invisible grid.

Note: If you need the old UI, you can find it in the Hermes folder under a separate folder called Hermes-LegacyUI. Just move this folder into your addons folder, and enable the addon in the Blizzard addon list.

v2.2 (06.16.2011)

  • Compatibility updates for Firelands, 4.2.
  • Spell Monitor: Fixed bug with Soulstones not tracking when used to res dead player.
  • Spell Monitor: Last Stand and Rallying Cry will now trigger each other when one or the other is used.
  • DefaultUI: The "Lock Containers" option now also locks all drag and drop capability. To enable dragging again, you need to unlock the containers. The purpose of this change is to be able to click through buttons/bars and select mobs behind them. I don't think anyone is ever dragging while in combat!
  • DefaultUI: Added option to control background color of bars on cooldown (Bars Display only).
  • DefaultUI: Added option to enable/disable the tooltip per container (enabled by default).
  • DefaultUI: Fixed mysterious dissapearing icons from nameplates.
  • DefaultUI: Fixed bug where creating new containers, renaming containers, or various other tasks resulted in Lua error.

v2.1 (06.10.2011)

  • Converted time format for bars from Seconds to HH:MM:SS.
  • Hermes version now exposed through options window (changed version schema as a result)
  • Small performance improvements
  • Updated German translation.

Release 2.0c (06.07.2011)

  • No changes from last beta 2.0b, just marking as official release

Beta 2.0b (06.05.2011)

  • Added Spell Monitor support for Shaman Reincarnation (beta quality, need feedback)
  • Added Reincarnation (20608) to default spells (you can add this by clicking the Update Ability Defaults button)
  • Added Power Word:Barrier (62618) to default spells (you can add this by clicking the Update Ability Defaults button)
  • Hermes now disables itself when joining a Battleground (this is to ensure it doesn't generate errors)
  • Reworked the talent scanning code completely. A few issues were reported with it not working 100%. I am hopeful this will address it but not sure. PLEASE continue to report bugs with Spell Monitor!
  • Fixed bug with equippable item tracking showing item as available when not equipped.

Release 2.0a (05.30.2011)

  • Contains all changes between Release 1.1a and Beta 1.2c
  • Small tweak to icons on spell bars to hide the ugly border.

Beta 1.2c (05.29.2011)

  • Changed the combat log parsing algorithm in an attempt to catch spells that only fire SPELL_AURA_APPLIED and not SPELL_CAST_SUCCESS, while still only firing one instance per pair. This is a risky change but very difficult to test.

Beta 1.2b (05.29.2011)

  • Fixed bug where changing talent specs didn't properly reset state.
  • Fixed sort bug on sender visibility (I knew that would bite me!)
  • Added option for Bar Style display to only show bars when the spell is on cooldown.

Beta 1.2a (05.28.2011)

  • Hermes now supports cooldown tracking for non Hermes users (look for the Spell Monitor options)
  • Ensure config mode gets disabled when first joining a party or raid. (caused confusion)
  • Ability to autoset base cooldowns based on incoming Hermes data.
  • Changed Warlock Soulstone handling to use the Soulstone Resurrection spell instead of the soulstone item. If you used to monitor soulstones using the item, please use the spell now.
  • Created Base Duration defaults for current set of default spells.
  • Removed all existing default items, added Mirror of Broken Images.
  • Fixed a bug where config mode would enable when Hermes was disabled on startup.
  • Refactored UI a bit here and there.
  • Fixed bug with sender availability calculation from zone. In doing so, changed method for determining availability. Now uses visibility. I hope this works better!
  • Fixed edge case where button cooldown animation not resetting when it needed to (only known case is Warlock cancelling a summon stone)
  • Found and fixed bug with recycled bars not resetting icon texture. Could lead to "empty" bars not showing as invisible like they should.
  • Added basic documentation for Event and Plugin API's.
  • Added player name white list option to spell monitor requirements.
  • Removed Shaman Reincarnation as a default spell since blizz sucks (and there's just no easy way to track this without a major hack)
  • Added code to cleanup cached player cooldowns from saved variables (list was growing and I didn't notice)

Release 1.1a (05.16.2011)

Release tag of Beta 1.1b

Beta 1.1b (05.14.2011)


Important Notes:

  • Saved variables will be lost when upgrading from prior versions. This is due to the amount of changes involved and the difficulty syncing them across releases.
  • As always, this release remains backwards compatible with any users running older versions of Hermes.

New Core Features:

  • Hermes is now event driven in order to facilitate Plugin and Event API's.
  • Created Plugin API for external plugin creation. Plugins are enabled in the General configuration tab.
  • Created Event API for external addon integration (Addons can listen and react to Hermes events)
  • Added "Config Mode" which uses yourself as the only sender and receiver. It allows you to configure/test Hermes plugins or other addons without being in a party.

New UI Features:

  • The default UI is now a plugin and takes advantage of the new Plugin API. It can be disabled completely (to replace with a different UI for example.)
  • Abilities within a container can now be sorted manually via drag and drop. Order is remembered for the last container the ability was placed in.
  • Containers can now be renamed.
  • Theme support for containers was added.
  • Properties from one container can be applied to another container (via themes).
  • Configuration for the UI was revamped in an effort make it more efficient and user friendly.
  • Each container now supports two Display Styles; Buttons or Bars.
  • Bars now act more like traditional cooldown bars and include the ability to change textures, colors, fonts, etc.
  • Nameplates are optional, as are icons when using Bar Display Style.
  • Replaced "Available", "Unavailable" and "Empty" bar configuration settings with the following (empty bars are no longer displayed at all):
    • Available: The sender is available, and the ability is usable.
    • On Cooldown: The sender is available, and the ability is on cooldown.
    • Unavailable: The sender is dead, offline, or in a different zone.
  • Added Font Outline option to fonts.
  • Added new "Player/Duration Width Ratio (%)" option which better controls how much of a bar is used for the player's name versus the duration.
  • Bar count is no longer limited to 5 (25 is the new maximum)
  • If sender is unavaiable then "dead", "offline", or "zone" is displayed next to their name when using Bar Display Style.

Other Improvements:

  • Minor changes to core messaging engine to reduce handshaking.
  • Reduced number of Localization strings where possible (there are still too many!)
  • Significant performance improvements were made within the default UI including:
    • Maximized the reuse of Frames (this is what allowed me to increase the max bar count).
    • Repositioning of cells within a container is significantly more efficient.
    • Much less redrawing going on when not needed (partially due to the new event driven nature of Hermes)
  • Created Plugins for the following combat text addons (these were previously baked into Hermes):
    • ScrollingCombatText
    • Parrot
    • MikScrollingBattleText

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that could cause Hermes to affect other addons (I had a couple commonly named global tables by mistake).
  • Fixed some sorting issues related to sender status.

Beta 1.1a (05.01.2011)

  • Replaced the entire Tic-Tac concept with Bars. Significant UI refactor but the core remains untouched.
  • Removed some Default Spells and Items (they were overkill, I don't think anyone was actually tracking them).

Release 1.0g (04.27.2011)

  • Fixed button sizing issue.
  • Added Config Mode, which is a feature I should have added a long time ago for new users (allows them to actually see Hermes the first time it's installed).

Release 1.0f (03.32.2011)

  • Upcoming 4.1 compatibility changes only.

Release 1.0e (02.05.2011)

  • Greatly improved Warlock Soulstone tracking.
  • Note: To get this improvement each Warlock needs to upgrade Hermes (as it's handled uniquely on their end).
  • Note: When the Warlock first loads the game (or does a /reloadui) and has no Soulstone in their inventory, Hermes will assume that the spell is available by default. As soon as they create their first Soulstone, it will correctly update if it's not actually available. This is only an issue on initial startup, reloadui, game crash, etc.. Everything will be properly synced from that point on.

Release 1.0d (02.01.2011)

  • Fixed LUA error with nil tictac... Display.lua line 1716: attempt to index local 'tictac' (a nil value)

Release 1.0c (01.29.2011)

  • New Feature: Added duration remaining timer to tictacs.
  • New Feature: Added ability to refresh default spells and items post upgrade (in case new items are added, makes it easy to update)
  • New Feature: Added More Spell Defaults: Time Warp, Ring of Frost, Guardina of Ancient Kings, Leap of Faith, Mana Tide Totem, Heroic Leap.
  • Removed autohide option for containers. They now simply hide when receiving is disabled.
  • Fixed a bug where disabling receiving and reenabling it prevented from receiving own spells.
  • Fixed Frenzied Regeneration spell default.

Release 1.0b (12.05.2010)

  • New Feature: Color code button borders based on class (optional).
  • New Feature: Support for 3rd party combat text addons (Parrot, SCT, and MikScrollingBattleText).
  • Numerous CPU improvements.
  • Numerous Messaging improvements.
  • Tweaked ToolTip to compensate for a column spanning issue with LibQTip.

Note: Sending now has a 10 second delay when first enabled. The intent is to reduce chatter and provide a better experience when joining a large raid.

Release 1.0a (12.01.2010)

  • Fixed issue with receivers requesting disabled spells.
  • Fixed sender issue with DK abilities.

Release 1.0 (11.28.2010)

Small tweaks to beta5 including:

  • Added X, Y settings to manually set container position. Useful for those of you using one container per button in order to get around Hermes not allowing a custom button order.
  • Small tweaks to Tic Tac layout in regard to button padding from beta5.
  • Added ID to tooltip (with the thought that it'll help communicate with others when they also want to add a spell)
  • Various small refinements elsewhere.

beta5 (11.27.2010)

This is a significant upgrade over beta4. I put a lot of effort into making Hermes UI as informative, compact, and unobtrusive as possible while still showing *just enough* information to get the job done. This entire release is dedicated to that goal:

  • Multiple button containers (create as many as you need)
  • Drag and drop buttons between containers (tip: middle mouse button will instantly move a button to it's prior container if it had one.)
  • Tic Tacs! a.k.a something that sounds more fun than "player name bars". Dive into the Tic Tacs tab in the Container config to play around with them. Tic Tacs are intended to be a way to immediately view who has something available. It prevents the need to rely on the tooltip. Note that each container has it's own Tic Tac settings.
  • Take advantage of the individual container settings and the middle mouse button to move buttons during combat!
  • Much better defaults for new profiles. In fact, if you don't mind losing your prior saved spells you may wish to consider resetting your profile to pick up the new defaults (or delete the "welcome" value in your lua config).
  • Much improved support for adding new item cooldowns. Hermes will allow you to add the item even if it doesn't know it's name yet (it's a Blizzard thing). Hermes will periodically check while your game is running to find the actual names. This allows you to use it right away. Note: still requires itemid if not something in your inventory.
  • Added basic slash commands /hermes

beta4 (11.23.2010)

  • Added item cooldown support (e.g. Soulstone). This is a first draft implementation and highly experimental, feedback greatly appreciated to help me work out the kinks. Items are handled much differently than spells so I expect issues.
  • Created item tracking help page: Tips for adding Item cooldowns.
  • Shift clicking a button now resyncs the spell or item associated with the button. Useful in cases where a sender went offline and isn't coming back.
  • Note: This build was done in preparation for some significant UI improvements. Except for bug fixes, new builds should be less frequent while I work on the UI.

beta3 (11.21.2010)

  • Added spell hiding options.
  • Fixed errors while in Battlefield (I neglected to account for it). This is the reason for the new build.
  • Fixed detection of dead members in party.
  • Fixed missing LibSharedMedia reference

beta2 (11.20.2010)

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