Tips for adding Item cooldowns

Blizzard makes finding spell names, id's and textures easy, but items are a completely different story! This page is a guide to help you be successful given the shortcomings of both myself, and Blizzard.

What are item cooldowns?

Prior to beta4 Hermes only worked with spell cooldowns. But now it can track item cooldowns as well. Item cooldowns are things that are equipped, or in your bags, and that have some sort of on use cooldown. The most common would be your Hearthstone. As far as useful examples go, you can use Hermes to track Soulstones, Saronite Bombs, Health Potions, even trinkets if you want.

How do I add them?

Go to the Items tab in the configuration (/hermes config). Select a class filter and enter the name or itemid as normal. Click the Add Item button.

What's so hard about that?

Nothing, until you find that you try to add an item which you've never had in your bags before, or which the server hasn't seen since it was last rebooted.

Oh, that sucks. What do I do about it?

Always try to use the id for an item instead of the name. The id will ALWAYS work better than a name. Names will ONLY EVER WORK if you've got the item in your bags, bank, or equipped. Id's overcome that limitation.

If you know the name, but not the id, head over to and follow these steps:

  1. Type the name of the item in the search field and press enter. (I'll use Soulstone as an example)
  2. In the search results, make sure you're looking at the Items tab.
  3. "Woah?! There's like a bazillion links for "Soulstone". How am I supposed to know which one it is?"

And THAT is the main issue!! You'll have to hover over a few of them and read the descriptions to see if they look like the right now. Eventually, when you think you've found it, continue with these steps...

  1. Click on the item's icon to load it.
  2. In your browser's url box you should see something like this:
  3. 5232 is the itemid for the item you're looking at.
  4. Go back to Hermes and use that itemid as the value for the item and then click the Add Item button again.

With any luck, Hermes will have added the item for you. It might not know the name yet, and will show it as "...searching". Fear not, after 5 seconds to a minute it'll probably find the name. Hermes will track it without the name so you're good to go.

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Date created
Nov 23, 2010
Last updated
Nov 27, 2010