HoloFriends (continued)


Change log

HoloFriends addon created by Holo, continued by Zappster, followed by Andymon

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This adds an enhanced friends list.
You will love it ;)


Change Log:
0.476: (by Andymon)
    * fix for the address list at the mail frame (own chars are now listed first)
0.475: (by Andymon)
    * fix to add friends from other realms
    * fix for not updating lists after removal of friend/ignore (missing system message)
0.474: (by Andymon)
    * fixes a bug with the invite of RealID friends via eMail or battle tag
0.473: (by Andymon)
    * fixes a bug with the init of the options at the first time start of HoloFriends
0.472: (by Andymon)
    * fix for empty friends list (missing FRIENDLIST_UPDATE event for in-game
      function ShowFriends() with online RealID friends)
    * fix to ignore "Unknown" entries for not faction wide lists
0.471: (by Andymon)
    * fix to ignore "Unknown" entries in the in-game friends and ignore list,
      which could crash the game (for faction wide lists, the related entries
      are readded, which removes the "Unknown" entries)
    * fix to remove the display of the flag in the first column of the ignore list
0.470: (by Andymon)
    * search the friends and ignore list for names and comments
    * display the search results in a search group which allow mass invite
    * use the # sign to hide keywords in front of the comments
    * mark a friend to monitor its status and show a message window if he came online
    * disabled rename and remove pulldown menu buttons for FRIENDS, IGNORE, SEARCH group
    * fix for some edit boxes where the ENTER key was not working
    * fix for not reacting friends list after removing the online status from a friend
      (after removing a friend from the in-game friends list,
       the server is not sending a confirmation anymore)
0.464: (by Andymon)
    * fix for continued who messages if a monk is in your friends list
    * fix for the display of class colors or class icons for monk friends
    * fix for the add friend button at the who window (now with hook to HoloFriends)
0.463: (by Andymon)
    * fix to allow the invite of RealID friends to a group and set the chars faction
    * fix to allow the friend list invite of RealID friends with the battle tag
    * fix to set and sync online note and comments for RealID friends
    * fix to allow the remove of a RealID friend from the friends list
0.462: (by Andymon)
    * added comment line to option chapter headings (use like an option chapter heading,
      but the string has to start with left parenthesis)
    * update to the localization for zhTW (Thanks to skywalkertw)
    * localisation files converted to UTF-8
    * implemented optional window buttons (the order of activation in the options window
      determines the display order of the buttons)
    * new menu buttons: HoloFriends's ignore button in chat-pull-down menus removed
      (use in-game provided menu button for ignore)
    * fix to disable for groups the sub-menu, which move friends or ignore to other group
    * fix to update the open ignore window after the change of options
0.461 (beta): (by Andymon)
    * fix to whisper to RealID friends (now existing two whisper functions - /w and /cw)
0.460 (beta): (by Andymon)
    -> not working jet: optional window buttons
    -> known problems: new methode to add menu buttons is not setting server for ignores
    * updated localization for zhTW (Thanks to skywalkertw)
    * fix to the display of RealID friends
    * friends and ignore list buttons (entries) are now created dynamically
    * added all functions to the pulldown menu of the HoloFriends list buttons
      + add friend or ignore adds to the group of the clicked list button
      + sub-menu to move friend or ignore directly to a group
      + menu entries are now referenced by name than index
      + added group menu entry to invite all online friends of a group at once
    * added optional display of the number of online friends for every group
    * added toggle button to open and close all groups at once
    * introduce a methode to add menu buttons without tainting -> optional
      (HoloFriends_DropDownList1_OnShow, HFF_CreateMenuButton, HFF_AddMenuButtons)
    * defined space and position of the HoloFriends windows like the friends window
    * included time delay to allow switch from HoloFriends window to friends window
    * fixed middle button clicks by registering the button
    * removed the call of sub-routines of the FriendsWindow, because of tainting
    * more easy handling of options
      + added a function to create the text sections in the options and FAQ window
        (HoloFriendsOptions_CreateButtons_OnLoad, HoloFriendsFAQ_CreateButtons_OnLoad)
      + added arrays to assign the index to the names and strings
    * fix of autocompletion for own chars, if together in guild
    * added an option to switch the order of real name and char name for RealID
      friends in the friends list
    * the turn button at bottom center now switch the display of
      area -> comment -> broadcast behind the friends name
    * using only one modified button template for friends and ignore lists
    * created a HoloFriends frame template for the friends and ignore list
    * added missing elements to the HoloFriends frame template to make the
      HoloFriends friends and ignore frame independent of the in-game FriendsFrame
0.459: (by Andymon)
    * fix of the list display of realID friends
    * rearranged the friends and ignore list window
      (scale change of the in-game top friends window with patch 4.3)
0.458: (by Andymon)
    * TOC change only
0.457: (by Andymon)
    * fix for dialog at load of a long time unused faction wide list
    * fix to disable invalid menu entries in the HoloFriends menues
      (the menu initialization and update changed a little with 4.0.1)
0.456: (by Andymon)
    * fix for keyed BNet names with 4.0.1 and unavailable identifier of friends
    * request of clear type nameas identifier if moving of BNet friend is used
0.455: (by Andymon)
    * fix a bug with the displaced option to set the date format
0.454: (by Andymon)
    * fixes to delete char data correctly
    * fixes to update display at delete of actual char
    * fix for not enabled options after the separation of the actual char from
      the faction wide friends list
    * fix for unsorted friends list of the actual char at the share window
    * fix to show SC2 string at tooltip of BNet friends
    * fix to show question mark as level for BNet friends at SC2
    * fix for the not showing BNet name if class colors are switched off
    * Compatible with WoW 4.0.1 (Beta): replaced wide edit box with a sized edit box
0.453: (by Andymon)
    * Fixed a bug during addon load if HoloFriends access a realm the first time
0.452: (by Andymon)
    * Fixed a bug during the display of the tooltip by mouse over a BNet-friend
0.451: (by Andymon)
    * Added more parameter checks to the functions, to trap very slow or incomplete
      server response (mainly with BNet)
0.450: (by Andymon)
    * Implementation of RealID friends (extended friends tooltip, friends list
      check box not changeable, but show server status)
    * Disabled the merge mode for friends list notes and comments in
      faction wide friends list (feature not possible in faction wide list)
    * During the add of a friend at the command line, one now can add a note
      behind the friends name
    * Optional show the char name behind the real name for BNet friends
0.443: (by Andymon)
    * Fixes for patch 3.3.5:
      + CHAT_MSG_SYSTEM message become a table some time
      + activation of chat frame edit box
      + overlapping display of new friends window components
    * Clicking the FrameToggleTab twice opens the in-game friends or ignore list
0.442: (by Andymon)
    * Fix of no remove of online ignore at single ignore list
    * Fix of no update of ignore list display at window open
    * Add of some more debug outputs
    * French localizations
0.441: (by Andymon)
    * Fix of menu background error at pull down menus at windows without a name
0.440: (by Andymon)
    * Output anonymization for screenshots
    * Fix to the pull-down menu background handling
    * Added some FAQ-entries from the curse-board
    * Middle mouse button unmark and set friend as offline
      (for friends not at in-game friends list)
    * Decreased the brightness of the area string for offline friends
      (better separation from online friends)
    * Added hook for the commands /friend, /removefriend, /ignore, and /unignore
      (which is working with the faction wide friends list)
    * Added tooltip for disabled menu entries
    * Ignore all chat messages and invitations to group, guild, and duel for
      offline ignores
    * Ignore list has now the same functionality like the friends list
      (which include an ignores share window, offline ignores, faction wide
      ignore list, ...)
    * Fix of AutoComplete by taking also guild list into account (prevent multiple
      times the same entry in list)
    * Option to change the date format used to show date of last seen in friends
      list tooltip
    * Optional sort all online friends at the top of the group list
    * Save and set data for your own chars (if included in the friends list)
    * Seperate option for all different type of the pull-down menu modifications
      (target, party, raid, friend)
    * Fix for the background displayed at the ignore list
    * Included "FRIEND" pull-down menu to the option which disable all menu
    * Disable "RAID_MAINTANK" list entry in the raid pull-down menu
    * Fix to get realm name for the AddIgnore() call at the Pull-down menus
    * Initially hide friend-buttons - setup at list creation (prevent show of
      empty buttons)
    * Reload friends list from server only once at list update
    * Optional show list of online friends in the chat window at startup
    * Optional show level of friends at the friends list after the name
    * Show location of friend at the friends list tooltip
    * Fixed who-scan of single friend, if clicked at its name in the friends list
    * Moved friends online check to CheckWhoListResult (cleanup of the hooks)
    * Fixed order of local and server list check for faction wide friends list
      (there server list need to be cleaned first to get space for additions by
      local list)
    * The Friends list display is only updated, if visible
    * Moved computation of the counters to the friends list display update function
0.435: (by Andymon)
    * oXid_FoX translated HoloFriends partly to french (frFR). Many thanks.
0.434: (by Andymon)
    * Bug fix, if first login at a realm with a faction, where a char at the
      other faction already exist
    * Fix for merging of HoloFriends comments with in-game notes
0.433: (by Andymon)
    * Bug fix, if in-game friends list has empty fields
      (maybe updated during processing)
    * small changes in zhTW localization
0.432: (by Andymon)
    * Bug fix, if someone login the first time at a realm with HoloFriends.
0.431: (by Andymon)
    * Bug fix, if the char is at the faction wide friends list and an other addon
      is adding a friend to the in-game friends list.
    * Bug fix a timing problem at load of options and friends list.
    * Added a delay for the addition of friends by other addons to the HoloFriends
      list (not for faction wide list).
      If the friend vanish during this delay, it is also removed from the
      HoloFriends list.
    * Include comlete translation to Traditional Chinese (zhTW) by Aladdinn. Many thanks.
0.430: (by Andymon)
    * added homepage layout to localization to manage the translation with the
    * added feature list to help page and localization
    * renamed all localization strings to order it by name
    * rewrite of the option window layout and handling to easier add or change options
    * added switch to change text displayed behind the friends to area/comment
    * added dialog to load faction wide friends list if not used for a long time
    * optional remove groups without online friends from the friends list
    * new implementation of player name auto-complete after patch 3.2.0
    * sharing of groups now optional mark (strike through) friends in the friends
      list, if not existing at the sharing source
    * changes in the friends window update now also the share window if open
    * fix to friends list update function (now better event driven - run now only
      once the time)
    * added warning message about priority of HoloFriends during creation of
      faction wide friends list
    * added the possibility to delete chars at other realms than the actual one
    * added a message, if one of your friends vanished from the online friends list
    * added separation of chars from the faction wide friends list
    * added dialog for group handling during merging with faction wide friends list
    * merge the friends lists of some or all chars to one faction wide friends list
    * make use of a faction wide friends list, if the char has no own friends list
    * handling of merge-button to faction wide friends list with warning
      message included
    * share window modified to prepare the handling of a faction wide friends list
    * options window now scalable in size and with scrollbar
    * added FAQ-frame to interface options panel
    * added Latin American Spanish (esMX) localization by marturo77 (Many thanks!)
0.423: (by Andymon)
    * disabled PlayerNameAutocomplete as temporary fix after patch
0.422: (by Andymon)
    * bug fix for the onstate of connected friends not monitored online
0.421: (by Andymon)
    * an other try to fix the bug with wrong friends class
0.42: (by Andymon)
    * fixed a bug if the friends class was an empty string (for any reason) and not nil
    * added option for merging of shared HoloFriends comments
    * added the feature to manually update friend data between your chars
    * added sharing out of groups
    * only use own chars of the same faction in the share list
    * added check buttons for sharing of groups
    * added a faction list for own chars
    * expanded share interface (larger name list fields)
0.411: (by Andymon)
    * fixed ChatFrame_AddMessageEventFilter handler (new parameters with WoW 3.1)
    * rearranged the share frame for a better fit in the options frame
    * moved the share frame to the options menu at "Interface" -> "AddOns"
    * fixed delete of a char from the command line
    * fixed green color of the location text for friends in the same region
      like oneself
0.41: (by Andymon)
    * added weekday to last seen
    * fixed a bug which appeared by adding a player with a name starting with a
      non ASCII letter
    * added Chinese localization by zwlong9069 (Many thanks!)
    * added option to disable pull down menu modifications to allow set focus to work
    * the first 48 letters of the comments to friends are now also saved in the
      in-game friends notes
      + -> option to merge comments and notes
      + -> option to overwrite the notes by the comments or vice versa
    * separate localization files
    * added optional display of friend names in its class colors
    * class icon display is now optional
    * code change of share-window list display function like in friends and ignore
      list display
    * the number of server monitored friends adjusted to 100
    * rewrite of friends and ignore list display functions
      + -> if no scrollbar is shown, the additional space is now used for text
    * added an options menu to "Interface" -> "AddOns"
    * removed French localization, because most text was changed and not localized
    * defined some functions and additional variables as local
    * added an optional black opaque background to the pull down menus
    * replaced ChatFrame_MessageEventHandler hook by ChatFrame_AddMessageEventFilter
0.40: (by Andymon)
    * adapted the xml-code to the release 3.0.3 of WoW
    * included actual scroll bars
    * included the voice-ignore list (the button is at the ignore list)
    * replaced all "this"-references by "self"
    * improved the sort algorithm (should now sort all groups correctly)
    * bug with player check box not working if group name = player name fixed
    * the disable of add-friend and add-ignore entries in menus works now if the
      player is already in one of the lists
    * who-output and who-popup-window are now suppressed during list-scan and at
      click to the friends-list
      + -> the suppress of who-output is now language independet
           (should now work for all clients)
    * implemented language independent class handling using server-class-strings
      + -> this required to change the list-format
           (the list is corrected during load)
      + Because the old list included no server-class-entries, expect missing
        class-icons during the first few times of using the friend list.
        You need first to see an online friend of this class, to get its
    * cleanup of the code with some minor bug fixes that I forget to note
    - new feature by Ithilyn: scan all not monitored friends via /who
    - new feature by Ithilyn: last seen in comments
    - minor bugfixes
    - new feature: added share-friends-dialog
    - minor bugfixes
    - refactoring
    - removed support for FriendNotes, HoloWar
    - new friends will be added with notify by default
          (if there are less than 50 friends on your notifylist)
    - menu entries are back
    - bugfix: scrollbar definition in .xml
    - updated to LUA 5.1 and Wow 2.0, the menu entries were removed
          (I'm still working on that issue)
    - based on a HoloFriends version with enhancements from Veithflo
    - bugfix: fixed nil error introduced with 0.10, I should stop for today;(
    - bugfix: reenabled send message and invite button, sorry for this bug:(
    - bugfix: add friend/ignore entry is no longer clickable if player is already
                  in one of your lists
    - bugfix: fixed nil bug when trying to move ignore group
    - new feature: groups can now be renamed
    - new feature: the number of online friends is now displayed in the lower
                       left corner
    - new feature: you can now have more than 50 friends in your list, the online
                       state of 49 can be monitored
    - new feature: added who request to following drop down menues:
                       target, party, raid, who, guild, and chat
                   (the entries in the guild and who menu are maybe useless, but
                       who, guild and chat all use the same drop down)
    - localisation: included french localisation done by Feu
    - localisation: removed error messages on non english/german/french clients,
                        an empty icon is displayed instead
    - localisation: class icons do show up on french clients
    - bugfix: fixed a bug when dragging groups
    - bugfix: shift click works as intended now in the add ignore dialog
    - new feature: added add friend and add ignore to following drop down menues:
                       target, party, raid, who, guild, and chat
                   (the entries in the guild menu are maybe useless, but who,
                       guild and chat all use the same drop down)
    - new feature: added ignore list support
    - bugfix: removed a field error that could occur when removing the last group
                  and it was empty
    - bugfix: drop down menu items are disabled if not applicable
    - bugfix: the list entry text is now truncated if it is too long
    - feature request: does import FriendNotes
    - feature request: new checkbox: toggles show/hide offline friends
    - bugfix: another way to add wrong spelled friends eliminated
    - bugfix: wrong spelled friends are no longer added
    - changed: inserted more nil and index sanity checks
    - bugfix: fixed bug with empty list and resulting nil error
    - bugfix: drag and drop with long friendslists
    - feature request: added FriendsFacts functionality
    - feature request: friends are now added to the selected group
      (if none is selected, they are added to the default list)
    - initial release


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Sep 14, 2013
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