HudMap Cataclysm Encounters

8 - Updating Hudmap

1. Mechanic spellID(s).  Note, most abilities have different spellIDs for 10, 25, normal, and heroic (Usually 4 in total).  These can be found by searching wowhead, or by checking DBM files for the encounter which usually contain any needed spellIDs.

2. How to track the mechanic:
    Is it an aura that is applied? If so, what is the duration of the aura, and does the aura get removed in any way other than the duration expiring?
    Is it spell cast? If so, does the boss target the person it is cast on (If not, it cannot be tracked)? How long does it take for the effect to apply?
    Is it accompanied by an emote? If so, is it a mechanic that targets the entire raid (Ex. Empowered Shock Vortex from ICC)? How long should this be tracked for?ad
    What is the range of the effect (This can be difficult to find sometimes because Blizzard likes to use "nearby" in its tooltips often)?

3. Why would this be useful in HudMap?

All of the previous information is not necessarily relavent so i hope this ticket is taken into consideration... back in icc i felt that hudmap was one of the most pro addons to have allowing a player to focus more on other things while maintaining awareness in an encounter. It has been really missed since... but not finding out that it does not fully support firelands im kinda upset... there are many things that could be added to the script... if i could code i would, however and example would be the ragnaros fight; the location of the hammer smash, possibly spawn point of the adds, 6yrd for molten seeds, im not sure if the meteors could be added.  im not completely sure what to expect in 4.3 but i pretty sure i speak on the behalf of everyone that loved this addon, that i want it to be as amazing as it was in 3.3.  I want as many mechanics as possible to be added.  Trust i undertand that this task is far easier said than done however, to maintain a pro addon... gotta make a pro effort.  I really did appreciate everything hudmap did back in ICC, i would just like it back to the full extent.  Thank you for all the work that you have dont in creating this amazing addon. I bow to your ingenuity.  Thank you again

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    Most of the stuff that can be added in Firelands has been added, with the exception of the tormented debuff (which I will be adding). There is nothing on the Ragnaros fight that could feasibly be implemented in HudMap. Basically, if there is no combat log entry of who a boss uses an ability on, there is no way of knowing who the ability targets, so HudMap couldn't know who ragnaros targets with Sulfuras Smash, nor can it know when the seeds are launched.

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