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Hunter Focus Bar BM

Important: The development of this addons has become inactive since I quit playing WoW in March 2011. I have changed the license type to Public Domain so everyone can freely use the code, parts of it, or whatever. Thank you all for using this.

This addon creates a free dragable focus bar for hunters. You can drag it where you want by using a modifier key i.e. shift.

In addition there's a display for important buffs. Passive buffs are shown on the right side and buffs that require your action are on the left.

Buffs for Beastmaster:

  • Focus Fire (Range haste, consumes frenzy stacks)
  • Frenzy (Pet buff with stacks, useful for Focus Fire)
  • Killing Streak (Damage of next Kill Command increased)

Buffs for Marksmanship:

  • Improved Steady Shot (Range haste increased after two Steady Shots)
  • Ready, Set, Aim... (Stacking buff, at five stacks you get Fire!)
  • Fire! (Next Aimed Shot has no casting time and costs no focus)

Buffs for Survival:

  • Lock and Load (Two Arcane Shots or Explosive Shots for free)

Configuration is done via slash command /hfb or via Blizzard's interface options.

This Addon is INACTIVE! Please do not request changes, bugfixes or anything else.

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Date created
Oct 09, 2010
Last update
Oct 16, 2010
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Public Domain
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