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Identity does the following:

1. Main name in Guild and Officer chat 2. Main Name in Channels 1 - 10 and BGs 3. Nicknames in Party and Raids 4. Your Zone Location in Channels 5. It saves the name per realm and per character, so you can have different nicknames and different mains for different realms or factions.


If your main character is a 60 Warrior named Tank and you are working on a new toon (level 10 Priest) called Healer, and both are in the same guild this addon would do the following:

Guild: [Healer]: (Tank): How is everyone doing today? Officer: [Healer]: (Tank): How is everyone doing today?

If you turned the tell feature on and then whispered someone it would place (Main: Tank): after your Healer info.

If your name is WarNinja, but you like to be called Nin and you set your Nickname to 'Nin' then in paty or raid you'd see:

Party: [Warninja]: (Nin): Raid: [Warninja]: (Nin):

I added the Zone function in response to the global Trade and LookingForGroup channels. It's sometimes nice to say where you are.


For help on using the mod type /id help

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Jan 31, 2006
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Dec 26, 2011
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