What is this addon for and what does it do?

This addon is intended for people that have a basic understanding of programming. Specifically conditional If-Then statements.

IfThen allows you to write your own if-then statements that will be evaluated and run whenever you press a button, or they can trigger on certain events ingame.
If provides a simple text editor, a fully documented API and some simple If-Then syntax so that you can string together almost anything you want to react to ingame.

Two examples:

IF HasOpenQuest("My daily fishing quest") AND InZone("Stormwind") THEN Cast("Fishing");

OnEvent("GroupInvite") AND InLFGQueue() THEN DeclineGroup() AND Reply("Sorry, i'm already in the LFG queue");

I don't understand this addon.

If you don't understand the addon then you should NOT use it. It was never intended for non-programmers.

I still dont get it, can't you make this easier?

No! Now go away before i taunt you a second time!

What is the syntax to write if-then statements?

Type '/ifthen morehelp' ingame and you will see the help window that will explain the syntax, it also list all the supported methods and variables available along with their arguments.

I have a request for a function that isn't available in the current API.

  1. Check though the list of API's one more time (you might have missed it).
  2. Make a post at CurseForge or WowInterface and i will see what i can do (no promises).

What is the official website for IfThen?

This addon is hosted on curse.com (curseforge) and wowinterface.com. Those are the two websites that i publish to and the updates are identical.
From time to time, we see other sites that rip addons from curse or wowinterface and host them on their own website.
I have no control over the content on such sites, or what you are actually downloading then. Some of them bundle in malware/trojans.
The only advice i can give is to use the official websites: curse.com (curseforge) and wowinterface.com.

I have a macro, can i use the IfThen functions directly from macros?

Yes you can.
Use /run IfScript('functionName', ' "arg1","arg2","arg3" ') and it will return true or false.
(Notice that the arguments are all wrapped in a single string)

Will this addon be translated into other languages than English?

No. Since this addon is so much programming/IDE related that it makes little sense to translate it.
Anyone that has done any sort of coding knows that all programming-languages use English syntax and structure.
(yes; i know there are a few like Norwegian Java but they are the obscure exception).
Note that many of the variables like %playerClass%, %targetFaction% and so on will return localized strings.
If you are running the german client of the game for example then %playerClass% will return 'Krieger' ('Warrior' in english).

Can I do several /cast or /use with a single buttonpress?

Short answer: No.
Long answer:
No, because there are built-in limitations in WoW that prevent us from doing more than one /use, /cast, etc per button-press ('user-initated hw event' to be precise).
Blizzard actually wants you to play the game, not just press a single button once and then collect loot.
The addon also supports events and those do not support /use, /cast, etc either ('user-initated' remember).
And finally; Blizzard blocks macros from being edited when you are in combat, so then we can't dynamically rewrite them.

But, I can make a macro that has several /use, /cast, etc inside it?

Yes you can do that, but only the first viable /use or /cast in the macro will be executed while the rest is simply skipped.
If a spell/item is on cooldown then it's not 'viable' and the macro will attempt the next /use, /cast.
If that is what you want to do, then take a look at the RawMacro() function.

Can the macro be changed while i'm in combat?

Short answer: No.
Long answer:
Blizzard blocks macros from being edited when you are in combat, so then we can't rewrite them.
This means that the UseItem(), Cast(), RawMacro() and other functions that modify the macro will not work when you are in combat.

Is there a way to automatically run a macro?

Short answer: No.
Long answer:
There is no way to run a macro other than having it on your actionbar and then pressing that button (or the key/mousebutton associated with it).
Many actions ingame are like this. They require a 'user-initated hardware event'; something that originated from a keyboard, mouse or gamecontroller to work.

Can I make my character move around (i.e. walk, run) on his own?

Nope. Not possible. No addon can.

Can i have several macros that do different things instead of just the single, default one?

Yes this is possible. Look in the 'MacroStart' section under '/ifthen morehelp'.

So the addon supports IF, will you add support for ELSE any time?

Short answer: No.
Long answer:
The IF-THEN syntax is very simple and the idea with this addon is to let the user have a list of IF-statements. Just like how firewalls apply filtering rules where the first line that match the incoming traffic pattern is used and everything else is ignored. With an ELSE statement supported then that simple design would break. Basically the ELSE statement would prevent any lines after it to be even evaluated.
For example:

IF InZone("IronForge") THEN Print("I am in IronForge") ELSE Print("I am not in IronForge");
IF InZone("UnderCity") THEN Print("I am in UnderCity");

The second line here (undercity) would never be done because the first line's ELSE statement would be executed on everything that didnt match the first IF part.
At this point you might think about ELSEIF statements. Well those are basically the same as just another IF-statement (and we already got those).

Will you add support for multiple set's of statements per character, instead of having all statements be global?

If you have issues where you for example have 2 characters (a hunter and mage) and you only want something to happen with one of you classes then you can very easily include arguments into the statements themselves like for example IsClass() or HasName()
For example:

#This would not look right if you were playing a mage;
OnEvent("GroupInvite") THEN Reply("Thanks for the invite, this hunter is now happy");

#This is better;
OnEvent("GroupInvite") AND IsClass("hunter") THEN Reply("Thanks for the invite, this hunter is now happy");
OnEvent("GroupInvite") AND IsClass("mage")   THEN Reply("Thanks for the invite, this mage is now happy");

Where are all the settings and if-then statements saved on disk?

Just like for all other addons, the settings and statements are stored in the WTF-folder.
It will be the "World of Warcraft \ WTF \ Account \ <your account name> \ SavedVariables" folder.

Are databroker addons supported?

All addons that use LibDataBroker (i.e Titan and many others) are supported.
It adds 2 launch shortcuts. One for the edit window and one for the help section.

This addon screws up with <insert some random addon here>, can you fix it?

If I get the name of the addon, screenshots that shows the problem and a good description from you, then yes maybe.
Raging about it in chat or simply telling me that 'its broken' isn't helpful.

  • What other addons are you currently running?
  • Try disabling all of them, except IfThen and see if it works.
  • Make sure you have LUA errors enabled so you can see any errors. Type /console scriptErrors 1 in chat.

Finally, make a good bug-report on CurseForge.

Will you integrate support for <insert some random addon/library here>?

The idea is to make this addon somewhat independent of other addons, keep it small in size and have fast performance.
However, if i find compelling reasons to add a library feature then i most likely will integrate it directly into the addon itself.
DBMTimer() is an example of such a function that uses 'Deadly Boss Mods' to create a timer. DataBroker addons are also supported.

What other 'cool' stuff can't be done ingame :(

  • Player links (i.e [Myplayername] ) can't be sent in chat for other players to see, it only works locally using Print()
  • RealID names of people (Battle.Net) can't be sent to other players to see, it only works locally. This is a good thing. (see |K string for more info).
  • Can't do multiple /use or /cast after one another.
  • Can't rewrite macro's when in combat.
  • Can't unhook the Spellcheck feature without doing a /reload, and when its enabled, Blizzard marks the chat as tainted so you cant type /focus or /target in chat (you can still use the mouse of corse).
  • Can't unhook slash commands without doing a /reload
  • Can't use threads.
  • Can't create an event for when your fishing-bobber has caught something (believe me; i have tried).

Won't all this stuff degrade the performance of the game?

Not really. The addon is written with performance in mind, and the principe that "doing nothing, is really, really efficient".
The raw text is after you close the edit window, saved, parsed and translated into an data-structure that is very fast to execute.
The principle is the same as for .Net & Java; You convert the raw text (sourcecode) into bytecode that is whats being executed at runtime.
Although the addon does not actually -compile- any code, the principle is the same.

The addon also dynamically determines and subscribes only to the events that it needs based on the raw text.
If you dont have any OnEvent("Chat") statements for example, then it will not hook into the game-events for chat (WoW got over 15 different events for chat). It even differentiates and only subscribe to those few chat channels that you listen for (raid, party, guild etc).

Another example would be the OnEvent("Tick") event that is designed to fire once a second. If you do not use that event in you raw text, then it will not call the code at all (commenting out un-used statements is also a nice trick to improve performance even more).

The same goes for variables. There are over 120 different variables and most of these are dynamic; i.e. they can not be expanded at parse-time, but must be processed at run-time. However the code will at parse-time go though the raw text and determine which variables are referenced, and which are not. Thereby improving performance at run-time.
%targetName% is an example of a dynamic variable. One can not determine the name of the targeted player until the point you actually run the code.
%playerName% however is static. It never changes, and is actually expanded at parse-time so nothing extra is needed to be done at run-time.

The 'moreHelp' window also uses the principe of delaying work until it's actually needed. The documentation text shown is not generated for display until the window is shown. After its been generated, it's stored in a temporary table so that the next time its requested, it uses no cpu-cycles at all but is just fetched from memory.

All of this goes on in the backgound and is completely transparent to the user. It simply works.

Ok, so the addon is awesome-ness itself. What's the worst thing you can do with it?

If you really want to trash your game, then its always possible. Here are some examples:

OnEvent("Tick") events are executed once a second. Having lots and lots of these will make the addon use more memory. It will be a slow trickle of memory continuously being used, but the addon is designed to do to Garbage Collect at regular intervals (maybe if you did like 500 events?).

You can create an infinite loop between 2 events. For example OnEvent("Chat") and using Chat() as an automated response. However, in practice the ingame chat-flood limit would kick in pretty fast and block you if you tried. The Reply() function is actually baby-proofed against this scenario, it will not record youself as the last person that initated an event.

If you try to use lots and lots of Cooldown() or SetTimer() statements, then the addon will eventually give you a warning message about degrading performance. The addon automatically cleanup expired timers and cooldowns, but if you had alot of them running at the same time, then it could degrade performance (again, maybe... 500?).


Date created
Oct 06, 2011
Last updated
Jul 15, 2016