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Improve your social skills - auto it!

iGZ is a lightweight Ace3 addon which makes your social live in WoW much easier! See Features!


  • Posts "gz" into guild chat when a guildmate earns an achievement.
  • Posts "gz" into party when a partymember levels up.
  • Says "thx" when a guildmate gz'ed you for an achievement.
  • Says "thx" when a partymember gz'ed you for level up.


  • Collects events and just fires one "gz" message. That means, if f.e. your whole guild earns a raid achievement, you don't congratulate 25 times.
  • Protects your AFK mode!

Custom texts

Browser the WOW\Interface\Addons\iGZ\ directory, open Custom.lua in a text editor of your choice and add as much custom messages as you desire. :)

  • You now can use {name} in your texts, which will be overridden by the username who dinged, earned an achievement or said gz to you.

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Nov 28, 2011
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Jan 07, 2012
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