1 - Showing number of new mail messages?

What is the enhancement in mind? How should it look and feel?

I was wondering if the number of new emails could be shown via LDB.  From the image, it only seemed to show that you had new mail messages but not how many.  If the addon already has this functionality, please let me know.

Please provide any additional information below.

Thanks for the excellent suite of "i" addons.

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  • Avatar of grdn grdn Dec 25, 2012 at 10:11 UTC - 0 likes

    Addons like Fubar_MailFu, MailNotifier etc. are scanning mail and auction mail events while you are logged in. They store the number of received mails in your SavedVariables (WTF directory). Once you log out and back in, they restore the number from the SavedVariables and display it to you. But meanwhile they could not scan incoming mails anymore, so the displayed number is wrong in the most cases.

    To get the actual numbers, you need to stand beneath a mailbox - then addons can scan how many unread mails are there. A feature which cannot tell you actual facts isn't a true feature, in my opinion. I can implement event scanning - really no problem. But I don't see any improvement here :)

    But, currently, there are things on my list which are far more important than that. PokemonTrainer, iQueue, iCPU and iGear really need more love. =)

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    Thank you for the well thought out response. I asked about the enhancement because MailNotifier does show the number of mails on the minimap mail icon. However, I have to double check if it knows how many prior to opening mail. If it does, it may be using the event scanning methods you seem to loathe greatly. :) If not, no harm no foul - both addons are essentially doing similar work. Now whether or not iMail puts the number of new mails once you open your mailbox I am failnig to remember as well. if iMail does not, then I would probably start there as an enhancement. Thanks again for your time and response.

  • Avatar of grdn grdn Dec 21, 2012 at 08:33 UTC - 0 likes

    Hey :)

    I know what you mean and in my opinion, you are very right. In the first days of iMail I experimented with a display which indicates how many mails are in your mailbox. The problem at this point are lacks in the Blizzard mail API - you can simply request IF there are new mails or not. Thats all. To display mail numbers, I'm forced to scan all "new mail" and system chat message (auctions) events while you are playing. In this case I could display the number of your mails. But now imagine you are not online for 24 hours. During this time iMail cannot scan new mail events and is forced to display something like "2+ mails" which actually only means that it doesn't know how many mails there are for real.

    I found that very dirty when it came to this scenario in the very first days of the plugin and decided to cut off all event scanning and simply let it display if there are either new mails or not.

    Your opinion?

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