Change log

- Updated for WoW 4.0.1.
- Moved the INTEL button to the top left corner of the world map.

- Updated for WoW 3.3: Additions to the world map (icons, pings, tooltips, INTEL button) should again be shown reliably and in the proper positions.

- Updated for WoW 3.2.
- Wintergrasp is now supported, tracking time until the next battle, time since a battle began, which faction is in control of the zone, and when the last "under attack" defense alarm triggered for the zone. For best results, use with the ZoneDefense addon: This allows "under attack" alarms from subzones in Wintergrasp to be considered an attack on the zone and, as always, improves the look and functionality of Intel-generated alarms (e.g. "The Battle for Wintergrasp will begin in 5 minutes!").
- Last attack time for a location is now remembered between sessions.

- Updated for WoW 3.1.
- Revamped Spirit Tower countdown timer code.

- Updated icon data and included updated library to account for Eastern Plaguelands changes in WoW 3.0.

- Updated for WoW 3.0.

- When party/raid-member markers are near an Intel icon or frame on the world map, the Intel tooltip now takes
  priority, resolving the issue where these markers could prevent an Intel tooltip from appearing when desired.
- When Intel tooltips are displayed, the names of units near the cursor are now added to a secondary tooltip,
  making it easier to see who is near the location.
- The above tooltip-consolidating changes also apply to spirit healer locations and the player's corpse marker.

- Contested towers in Eastern Plaguelands now properly show as contested and a pseudo-alarm is generated when
  they become contested. (For easier identification at a glance, "contested tower" icons are used instead of the
  standard "neutral tower" icons.)

- Fixed an error that occurred when clicking a ZoneDefense-formatted Wyvern Camp hyperlink. For best results,
  use ZoneDefense version 0.61 or later.

- If the addon ZoneDefense (version 0.60 or later) is installed, Intel can now use it to format pseudo-alarms in
  the manner of a LocalDefense alarm, as customized by the player through ZD.

- Added an option to reset node data from previous sessions. (Intentionally excludes countdown timers.)
- Fixed an issue where pseudo-alarms sometimes reported that a node that was just captured was lost while in
  Hellfire Peninsula or Eastern Plaguelands.
- Fixed an issue where nodes' "last change" time could improperly remain "Unknown" if data from a previous session
  was in place before the change occurs.
- Fixed an issue where Halaa sometimes started the session with a Neutral icon when control is actually Unknown.

- Fixed an issue where undesired or excessive pseudo-alarms (chat log messages) indicating changes to Wyvern Camps
  were given when Halaa is captured while you are in Nagrand.
- Fixed an issue where Halaa's Wyvern Camps sometimes used the wrong icon after loading data from another session.
- Intel can now notify you via a pseudo-alarm when Halaa loses guards while you are in Nagrand in addition to when
  it gains them.
- When a pseudo-alarm involving gaining or losing guards is issued, it will now give the number of guards gained
  or lost when there is more than one.
- Resetting to the maximum number of guards after Halaa is captured should no longer generate a pseudo-alarm.
- Adjusted the size of the Spirit Towers tracker.
- Fixed an issue where the number of captured Spirit Towers could sometimes be off by one if you are in the
  zone when the capture is made and the WorldDefense message lagged behind the in-zone states update.

- Initial public release of preview version.


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Nov 14, 2010
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