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This project is abandoned.

Whether this project is out of date or its author marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

If you wish to take this project over, please report it and state your intentions.


Jogu Predictions records Jogu the Drunk's current crop prediction when you speak to him and shares this with other users of the AddOn. This allows you to know his prediction without talking to him (which can save you some gold if you're not Best Friends with him), as long as someone else using the AddOn has talked to him and asked for his prediction recently.

Version 1.1.0 saves Jogu's predictions between sessions, so once you've talked to Jogu on one character, you can view his prediction on any other character even if there's nobody else running the AddOn to sync with.

Use /jp, /jogup or /jogupredictions to print out the current prediction and /jp sync to update the prediction from other users.

The AddOn also creates a LibDataBroker plugin that shows the current prediction, so you can display it on a DataBroker display like DockingStation, ChocolateBar, Bazooka or Titan Panel.


Currently Jogu Predictions is only available in English and German (not completely localised yet), meaning only people on English or German clients will be able to update the prediction by talking to Jogu; but anyone running the AddOn will receive updates from others.

The AddOn records a list of Jogu's prediction phrases, making it easy for me to add support for your locale. Just copy/paste the contents of your WTF\Account\<Account Name>\SavedVariables\JoguPredictions.lua into a comment on Curse/WoW Interface and put either the vegetable's English item name or the itemID next to each phrase.

If commenting on WoW Interface, please highlight the text and click the blue "Wrap [highlight=lua] around selected text" button before posting the comment. If commenting on Curse, please put the text into a CurseForge Paste and put the URL to that in the comment instead.

ItemIDs can be found on the end of Wowhead/Armory URLs, as well as in the AddOn's locale files (each locale file has a list of vegetable itemIDs and their English names).

To translate the AddOn's text into your language, please visit the CurseForge localisation page. The General namespace contains the AddOn's text, while the Phrases namespace contains Jogu's prediction phrases (which can be translated directly on CurseForge as well, if you prefer that to leaving a comment).


Source Code

The source code is viewable on GitHub. The AddOn and its code is licensed under the MIT Licence. See the included LICENCE.txt for details.

Public API

As of version 1.1.0, Jogu Predictions provides a small selection of public functions that can be used by other AddOns/scripts. For more details, see the documentation page on CurseForge.


The original idea for Jogu Predictions was outlined by Ailindah in this thread.

Thanks also to yodadoe of Wowhead for compiling a list of prediction phrases here.

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