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KevTool Queue allows you to automatically queue up items to be crafted, so that you don't have to manually add them to your crafting queue. When you regularly craft a large number of items for sale, this saves a great deal of time. KTQ works with either Skillet or GnomeWorks Tradeskill Frame, both of which incorporate crafting queues.

For each item you request (via a macro or the command line), you specify a quantity you'd like to have. KTQ will check your bags, your bank, and your auctions, add up the quantity of that item, and if that quantity is less than the number you've specified, will add the correct amount of that item to your queue.

See Kevmar's explanation, below, for more details.


Kevmar, the original author, has kindly allowed me to take over maintenance of KTQ. For WoW 5.3, I have made a few changes:

  • KTQ now works with either Skillet or GnomeWorks Tradeskill Frame.
  • KTQ will now correctly queue enchants.
  • A new shorter command allows fitting more commands into a single macro.

A thousand thank yous to Kevmar for his excellent work in developing this terrific addon!


From Kevmar: If you have tried to recreate some of the processes I do in my glyph factory I am sure you have ran into some of the same issues that I have. Building my queue of glyphs to make was one of the most repetitive and time consuming parts of the system. This mod made that step instant for me.

Kev Tool Queue (KTQ) will auto queue items that match a keyword into GnomeWorks Tradeskill Frame or Skillet. You tell it how many you want to have and it will check with Altoholic to see how many you already have. It will then only craft the ones you need. It also has optional support for Auctioneer to check prices and have it skip any item listed too low. You can use any keyword, but it has a few built in.

The beauty of this mod is its simplicity. It does have a few simple features that give it a lot of power. Here is a quick sample of the commands.

Open up your tradeskill window in either Skillet or GnomeWorks and for inscription type this command:


The syntax is like this:

/KTQ QUEUE [number to queue] [keyword to match]
/KTQ Q [number to queue] [keyword to match]

For more info:


Queue Details ===

The main command is:


Any item that partially matches that keyword will be added to the queue. I did start with 3 groups of items but later opened it up to any keyword search. The build in groups are GLYPHS, EPICGEMS, RAREGEMS. I know it's silly to have a group called glyphs when the word glyph will work as a keyword and get them all. I already had that group in place before the keyword thing so I left it.

Because it's a keyword match, it does a live check of your craft list. If you don’t know it, it does not try to queue it. If Blizzard adds something new, this should still work and pick up the new thing.

I do have other features built in to target the different ways people make glyphs. It can be set up to craft extra items when you run out. If you have 0 in stock, it can add 2 extra to the queue. It has a threshold feature that will allow it to check your recent Auctioneer scan and only craft items you find to be profitable. This works best with glyphs and gems where the mats for everything is basically a set cost.

It will also skip singles if you want. When I was making 14 at a time by hand, I would often just skip of the ones I needed to craft only one of. I craft them all now that its automated but it was an easy feature to add.

Samples ===

Like any command line mod, you can put commands in macros.

I have a group in place for gems. Several people manage the different colors differently. I would use a macro like this:

/ktq queue 5 solid sky sapphire
/ktq queue 2 forest emerald
/ktq queue 3 monarch topaz
/ktq queue 6 scarlet ruby

A shorter version would look like this:

/ktq q 5 solid sky sapphire
/ktq q 2 forest emerald
/ktq q 3 monarch topaz
/ktq q 6 scarlet ruby

You can do the same thing for other professions. For example:

/ktq queue 20 netherweave bag
/ktq queue 5 frostweave bag

Another feature KTQ provides is adding bonus items for those that sell out. Its a simple feature and here is another way to do that.

/ktq queue 3 glyphs
/ktq queue 14 glyphs

The above will queue up for items that you have less then 3 of and then it will do the same for a stack of 14. So the result is if something sells out, it will queue up 17 of them. If you have 1 it will queue up 15 for you.

Downloads ===

KTQ requires these mods:

KTQ on other sites ===

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  • Avatar of madball74 madball74 Jun 03, 2013 at 18:15 UTC - 0 likes
    Hi, I downloaded Kev and when I log onto Warcraft, it tells me there is a dependency missing...what is it so I can add it and get started, thanks...btw, I have version 5.3.1
    Last edited Jun 03, 2013 by madball74
  • Avatar of alisonnic alisonnic Jun 01, 2013 at 01:41 UTC - 0 likes

    Kevmar has kindly allowed me to take over maintenance of KTQ. I have incorporated the changes I suggested in my previous post and have uploaded a new release, which is compatible with WoW 5.3.

    Thank you Kevmar, and also Asa, for all your work on this great mod, and for allowing me to pick up where you left off. I hope my work will measure up to the high standard you have set!


    Last edited Jun 01, 2013 by alisonnic
  • Avatar of alisonnic alisonnic May 31, 2013 at 18:06 UTC - 0 likes

    It is June 2013 and I am still using this addon with Gnomeworks and LilSparky's Workshop in WoW 5.3, and it works fine. For Enchanting, I had to make this change:

    Open the lua file in notepath, ctrl+f for (scrollid), should highlight a line for you. Remove this bit: ["ScrollId"], should fix scrolls

    Thanks to Rolusr for posting this fix back in 2010. It works for me.

    Also, to use KTQ with Skillet, Jazradel says:

    Kev's latest version should still work with Skillet and ATSW. Just remove GnomeWorks from the Dependencies in the .toc file.

    I have tested this change and with it, KTQ does work with Skillet.

    I also made a small modification which allows you to use "q" as the first parameter instead of "queue," which saves a lot of space in macros.

    Note that I am using the latest versions (for WoW 5.3) of LilSparky's Workshop and Skillet from Curse, and GnomeWorks from WowAce (which can be updated through the Curse client once it's downloaded from WowAce). In the Curse client I've chosen the Alpha versions of GW and LSW to make sure I have the latest version.

    This addon has saved me so much time doing crafting! I'm very grateful to Kevmar for creating it and to the above folks for posting the fixes.

    I would be willing to post my updated version if anyone knows how to contact Kevmar for permission.

  • Avatar of dexwest dexwest Jun 18, 2010 at 02:26 UTC - 0 likes

    I use QA3 and KTQ, which allows me to stock my bank alt with x of every glyph i make. That is not what i really want to do especially for other professions.

    What i would like is to have KTQ integrate with QA3 so i could say: /ktq queue 3 some_qa3_item_group

    So that any item in a QA3 item group would be automatically queue up for crafting by KTQ.

  • Avatar of persheal persheal Sep 30, 2009 at 17:18 UTC - 0 likes

    Would it be possible to add that feature:

    Only put in queue what i have the mats for in : -i inventory -b inventory + bank -a inventory + bank + alt -g inventory + bank + alt + guild bank

    /ktq queue 5 glyph -i would queue up glyphs I can craft based on my current inventory

    If no param are passed, keep the current behavior

    NB: I would have entered a ticket for that but it seems the ticket page isn't active.



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