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Layover Example

What it does

Layover prominently displays icons over the Blizzard compact raid frames alerting the player to the presence of buffs and debuffs of their choosing.

How to use it

Type /layover or /lo followed by one of the following commands:

/layover list - List the buffs and debuffs Layover is currently watching for.

/layover add <auraName> - Add the specified buff or debuff to the watch list.

/layover remove <auraName> - Remove the specified buff or debuff from the watch list.

/layover alpha - Show the alpha value of Layover icons (0 to 1).

/layover alpha <alphaValue> - Set a new alpha value.

/layover size - Show the size of the empty space left around Layover icons (0 to 20).

/layover size <sizeValue> - Set a new border size.

/layover magic - Toggle magic debuffs on/off.

/layover poison - Toggle poison debuffs on/off.

/layover disease - Toggle disease debuffs on/off.

/layover curse - Toggle curse debuffs on/off.


Currently, Layover can only be used with party frames while "Use Raid-Style Party Frames" is enabled or raid frames while "Keep Groups Together" is enabled. It will not work with the original party frames or with the raid frames in any other configuration. It will not currently display an icon overlay over pet, main tank, or main assist frames.

Future plans

  • Show stack count for auras that stack.
  • Show raid target icons in addition to buffs and debuffs.

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Date created
Nov 20, 2010
Last update
Jul 20, 2011
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