Learning Aid

Learning Aid 1.11.2

Change log

v1.11.2 Fixed the stack overflow bug.

v1.11.1 Compatible with WoW 4.1.0, improvements to the ignore list, fixed the guild perk issue.

1.11.1 Alpha 1: Hopefully fixed learning a companion when no companions are known on the current character. Hopefully fixed guild spell spam. Ignore list changes in progress; ignore list is broken for now.

1.11: Updated TOC to version 40000 for WoW 4.0.1.  Added "Learn All" button to class and tradeskill vendors.

1.10.1: Added Chinese localizations (zhCN and zhTW), kindly provided by wowuicn.

1.10: No changes from 1.10 Beta 2.

1.10 Beta 2: Fixed an error encountered when leveling, added Korean localization.

1.10 Beta 1a: Fixed a simple syntax error.

1.10 Beta 1: Columns!  The Learning Aid main window now resizes itself to fit your UI scale, adding columns as necessary.

1.09 Release: No changes from Beta 1.

1.09 Beta 1: Don't print the names abilities that are unlearned and immediately relearned when the user swaps talent specs.

v1.09 Alpha 2: Fixed a Lua error caused by reordering certain functions in 1.09 Alpha 1.  Freydis88 updated German translation.

v1.09 Alpha: Users can now ignore certain spells so that they don't show up when searching for missing abilities.  Updated TOC to 30300.

v1.08 Shaman totem option in missing ability search.  Fixed "wrong companion shown" bug (again).  Updated TOC to 30200.

Added German translation kindly provided by Freydis88.

Fixed a long-standing bug that caused the wrong companion to appear in the Learning Aid window when learning a companion during a period of greater than usual server lag.

v1.07 Release:
Fixed two bugs with the spam filter, updated readme.txt

v1.07 Release Candidate 1:
Filter "You have learned" and "You have unlearned" spam from the chat log, and summarize it.

v1.07 BETA 1: Save the contents of action bars when erasing talents and when logging out, then restore saved action bar buttons when talented abilities are relearned. Macaroon support added to macro scanner.

Fixed an issue with searching macros for spells with ':' in the name.

v1.06 Release:
Synchronize documentation and configuration options.

v1.06 BETA 5:
Added Ace libraries for slash command parsing, event handling and a brand-new GUI config panel. /la missing now supports options to include or exclude shapeshift forms, auras, etc., tracking abilities, and abilities that are used in macros.

v1.06 BETA 4:
Added a slash command (/la missing) to search for spells which are missing from your action bars.

v1.06 BETA 3:
Added a "close" button.

v1.06 BETA 2:
Various bug fixes.

v1.06 BETA 1:
Fixed a bug where Learning Aid would incorrectly appear after zoning.
Added check for Dual Spec swapping so Learning Aid does not appear every time the user swaps specs.
Updated TOC version to 31000 for patch 3.1.0.

Known caveats

Known Issues
Version 1.11.2

The spam filter has been internally redesigned and may suppress text entirely even when set to "Summarize". Please let me know if you encounter this issue.

The "Learn All" button may be active even when the character does not have enough money to buy everything available from the trainer.

The spam filter does not handle the flood of messages generated when purchasing many tradeskill recipes at once using the "Learn All" button.


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May 06, 2011
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