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PLEASE NOTE: I will be updating all my addons for MoP - this may take me some time as I have 9 to work on all requiring varying degrees of work. Please bear with me during this time Thank you


LFMonitor monitors the trade, guild, LFG, custom and general channels for any or all of the following types of 'Looking For' requests from other players:

  • Looking for Group (LFG)
  • Looking for More (LFM)
  • Looking for (LF) a crafter
  • Looking for Work (LFW)
  • Want to Buy (WTB)
  • Want to Sell (WTS)
  • Guild Recruitment (beta)
  • Looking for Guild (beta)

Messages are copied to a separate window with an audio prompt. If required, a preconfigured response can be sent to the relevant player from a simple sub-menu.

  • It can be customised to only catch messages related to specific classes, roles, professions, raids, and rated-PvP brackets. A multidimensional Bayesian-style classifier makes this more accurate than other add-ons that rely on all-or-nothing pattern matching.
  • Approximate word matching helps catch misspellings and variations, but is invoked only when an exact word match fails.
  • Caching at two points minimizes the CPU load.
  • If the same monitored message appears in the channel more than once in a 20 second period, LFMonitor will only display it once to try and cut down on spam.

If you notice any words that LFMonitor is missing or not correctly recognising, please advise us.

Custom Monitoring

LFMonitor also supports basic and advanced custom monitoring. e.g. if you were looking for messages about Onyxia, you could type the following in the basic monitoring options box:

  • ony

That would match 'Onyxia', 'ony', 'ony10', 'ony25' etc. The downside is that it would also match 'ebony', 'irony', etc.

The advanced monitoring option can alleviate this somewhat, but requires a knowledge of lua pattern matching, e.g.

  • %sony

That would match all words preceeded by a space and starting with 'ony'

Another example used by LFMonitor itself is:

  • lf%d*m

That matches 'lfm', 'lf1m', 'lf2m', etc. %d means any digit, * means one or more of the preceeding match.

For more information on lua pattern matching, see http:www.wowwiki.com/Pattern_matching//


If you would like to help translate LFMonitor, please use this link

Bug Reports / Change Requests

Please use the CurseForge ticketing system here.

Other Information

Compatible with Trade Forwarder

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Date created
Oct 13, 2009
Last update
Nov 25, 2012
Development stage
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GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
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  • A: r158 for 5.0.5 Nov 25, 2012
  • A: r156 for 5.0.5 Nov 23, 2012
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  • A: r154 for 5.0.5 Nov 23, 2012
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