Life Monitor

HUD (health and mana)

Monitors your health and your mana (if used) and alerts on multiple levels and multiple ways. If your health or mana get low the following alerts can be used.

  • HUD, in the middle of the screen your health or/and mana status will be displayed briefly with large letters
  • Audible alert
  • Screen edge flashing for heath (red) and mana (blue) when very low
  • Chat box alerts for healers announcing to your group (raid/party)
  • All alerts types can be enabled or disabled
  • Percentage levels for alerts can be adjusted
  • Limiter on how often alerts go to the group chat to control spamming

To adjust the settings use /klm or /lifemonitor

Although there are other similar addons, this one provides more information and is more configurable.

Translators are needed.

Submit a defect or enhancement?

Elektrode (Grizzly Hills / Lothar)

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Date created
Dec 25, 2011
Last update
Oct 15, 2016
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Life Monitor
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  • B: r30 for 7.0.3 Oct 15, 2016
  • R: r29 for 7.0.3 Aug 29, 2016
  • R: r28 for 7.0.3 Aug 14, 2016
  • R: r27 for 6.2.4 May 10, 2016
  • A: r25 for 6.2.4 May 10, 2016