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Linkepedia, formally Linkerator by Fizzwidget, offers the ability to easily link items or spells in macros, chats, or search part of a link. Using the same functionality that was provided in Linkerator, players will once again be able to enjoy one of the best linking addons of all time.

I will note that I do have permission from Gazmik Fizzwidget himself to absorb this addon and use the original code. The original addon was posted here:

With some restructuring, fixes, and improvements, I present to you Linkepedia. The use of Linkepedia is the same as it was in Linkerator, but for those of you who never used Linkerator here is a rundown of what this addon can do.

Building Your Database

When you first get the addon, you need to build a database of items that can be searched through in order to allow Linkepedia to work. To do this, you need to run the build command.

  • /linkepedia build

This command will open up a progress box window that will show you the automated building process. Every item is queried, and then built into your saved variables so it's always there. You can rebuild the database at any time. This process does take a few minutes and will cause the game to become very laggy. The faster FPS you can run, the faster the database will build.

Linkepedia is always searching for what hasn't been found yet. Linkepedia does a very light and non-intrusive background scan of the remaining items to see if they are available or not. When one becomes available, it will automatically add it into your stored database. But what if you want to quickly expand the database you already have? Well there is a command for this.

  • /linkepedia expand

Assuming you already have a database, this is a MUCH quicker command to run, usually taking 10-20 seconds to complete if your database has already been built.

One thing to note is that every time a server is reset on Tuesday during the maintenance period, items that were available the week before may or may not be available after the reset. So it's RECOMMENDED that every Tuesday after the server down time to rebuild your database. Like I said, this generally takes several minutes depending on your connection, FPS and server lag. It is not required that you rebuild the database. Your item cache will still be there after the reset on Tuesday, but it may contain invalid link data. It's the user's choice whether or not they want to rebuild.

Item Searching

By using the /link command, along with a search term, you can display a list in your chat box of the items containing that keyword. Doing this command will cause a brief lag spike depending on your game conditions (lag, fps, etc), but doesn't last more than a second or two on most setups.

  • /link frostmourne

This is a fun one to try on your server, You may even see a golden link come up that you can view on your character dress up screen! Other things you can search for are like

  • /link Ace of

Now you may think you are going to get a list of just Darkmoon Faire cards, but you are only partially correct. You will also get "Carapace of Imbibed Flame" or even "Mace of Apotheosis" since "ace of" exists in those links

If you want to link spells, then you will need to run the /linkspell command (THIS IS DEPRECATED!)

  • /linkspell Fireball

Using the /linkspell command you can now troll trade chat with much more ease!

Accessing Items Directly

This is by far one of the coolest features of the old Linkerator addon. In your chat window, start typing an item with the square brackets [ ] and enter an item name with it. You should see the magic happen!

  • [Disgusting O

Highlighted to the right of the last letter you typed is an auto-complete feature! Keep typing, or hit your tab key to scroll through items. When you have found the item you want add a close square bracket ] and BAM! you have a link! This feature is AMAZING for macros! The there is a default delay of 0.25 seconds between the time you stop typing, and the time the addon will attempt to auto-complete. If you think this is too fast (or too slow) you can adjust this delay by typing

  • /linkepdia delay X - Where X is the time in seconds

You know how Blizzard has yet to put an easy ability to link items from macros? Well now you can! All you have to do is simply type something like...

  • /2 WTS [Battered Hilt] 2000g!

... in your macro, and when you hit the macro button to spam trade, what you typed is now a link in trade chat! It's that easy!

Compatibility Issues


Future Ideas

  • Improve Optimization of Searching
  • Reorganize Code Base
  • Add many more search commands, such as /link <legendary> to find all legendary items
  • Browse the database of items in a window.

Known Issues


Comments or Suggestions

If you have any ideas on how to improve this addon, or would like to report bugs, then do so in the comments! I will check them regularly and respond!

Credits and Thanks

  • Gazmik Fizzwidget - Original addon developer of Linkerator
  • Kandoko - Helped with data compression
  • Hirsute - Released a patch update for Linkerator in 3.3.5 that is still being used

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  • Avatar of Derpo Derpo Dec 24, 2015 at 15:17 UTC - 0 likes

    An update! *awesome* !

    Smile! You are on the internet!

  • Avatar of GhostfromTexas GhostfromTexas Dec 13, 2014 at 18:16 UTC - 0 likes

    @Spennig: Go

    Updated :)

  • Avatar of Spennig Spennig Nov 19, 2014 at 16:46 UTC - 0 likes

    Any chance you'll update this for 6.0+?

  • Avatar of Azaram Azaram Oct 18, 2012 at 14:13 UTC - 0 likes

    @schoktra: Go

    There's a partial fix on the main curse page, here: If you don't want to click on it, go to the addon's page and find message 56. It lets links go through normally, but nothing MOP is working for me at the moment.

  • Avatar of schoktra schoktra Sep 28, 2012 at 02:01 UTC - 0 likes

    This is sorta broke in mop... the /link lookup and shift clicking the links works perfectly. Doing the autolink in chat with the opening and closing brackets causes the message to not get sent for some strange reason. Though the link still forms as expected, the message just doesn't send.



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