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LiveDamage is a simple addon that displays your current Bonus Spell Damage or Attack Power as well as a second stat such as your Crit, Hit, Resilience, Expertise, Block, Haste etc.

Two lines of text, updating every second. With this addon, you will get a realtime view of your character's stats. Use this to your advantage to time your potions, trinkets, and spells.

A simple button for each line (power and stat) changes what they display. Simply cycle through to what you want to be displayed for your character. Your settings will be saved and automatically loaded the next time you play.

LiveDamage will also change colors and print out a line in the Chat Box whenever you hit a new record high for your Attack Power or Spell Power. A simple way to know when your toon is at it's best ever.

If you'd like to see your current record high, just type:


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Mar 05, 2008
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Nov 15, 2013
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