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Lorhin in action.

What is Lorhin?
Lorhin is a tool that lets the user show and animate textures, almost every aspect of the animation and how the texture is shown is possible to affect in some way.
Lorhin started out as a personal experiment and a try to fix some of the issues I felt Power auras and Avion have (or had when I begun writing Lorhin).

So what functionality do Lorhin that is uniqe as of yet?
Lorhin have the ability to let the user completly (well, almost, due to how the syntax is interpretated) control how to animate the frame, move it, size it, recolor it, you name it. The user is also in complete control over what events trigger the check if to start or end the animation, which is also usersupplied. And as far as I know, Lorhin is yet the only avaliable addon that I know of of this type that can change the texture during the animation.

How to use your own textures?
You have two options, either add them to the Texturefolder for Lorhin (Interface\Addons\Lorhin\Textures) or add them anywhere in your interfacefolder. Of the two I recomend the first due to simplicity in the usage ingame, if they are added to the texturefolder you can just give the name of the texture, Lorhin does the rest, otherwise you have to specify the full pathname to the texture, both ways work but I prefer the shorter names.

And as I belive more than a few might find it a bit hard how to control the addon without reading the readme, I've added it as a page on curseforge http://wow.curseforge.com/projects/lorhin/pages/readme/
The same goes with a few examples of events and code, http://wow.curseforge.com/projects/lorhin/pages/examples/

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  • Avatar of merah merah Jul 25, 2008 at 11:25 UTC - 0 likes

    nice and interesting addon good job!

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