Frequently Asked Questions

Check this page for common issues before reporting bugs! Who knows, your issue might even be here!

Question: The items I have not looted yet are disappearing once I fly over the area.

Answer: This is a feature of the addon called, "Sessions". You can show these waypoints once you fly over them by using the "New Session" button on the UI, slash command > /lt <, or you can use the reset slash command > /lt reset <. You can also turn off this feature from the options UI at Game Options (Esc) > AddOns > LostTreasures + > Navigation Settings > *untick* Use Sessions.

Question: All of the quests/waypoints are appearing on my mini-map all of the time, even after I loot them!

Answer: This seems to be an issue with obtaining data from the game. As of yet, I have not been able to solve this issue. Exiting and restarting the game will usually fix this issue. If restarting your game does not work, try restarting your computer.

Question: The Ancient Pandaren Mining Pick quest/waypoint is showing on my map but I have already looted it.

Answer: This is because the quest is not being flagged as completed once the object has been looted.
There is a setting to hide the Ancient Pandaren Mining Pick waypoints in the options menu.

Question: The TomTom arrow is pointing to treasures even when I have it disabled!

Answer: The TomTom arrow will automatically point to the next closest waypoint once you reach your current waypoint (if the option is enabled in TomTom settings). There is no way for me to disable the TomTom arrow from doing so to treasures.

Question: The TomTom arrow seems to be really slow when finding the next quest/waypoint!

Answer: This is a common issue when looking for waypoints outside of your current zone. If this continues, disable the setting "Allow closest waypoint to be outside current zone", found in the LostTreasures settings UI.


Date created
Nov 23, 2012
Last updated
Mar 16, 2014