Change log

2013-07-03  Watchout  <>

[43e89189a37c] [tip]
* test/Profile.lua test/Test.lua

Update tests

* LuaTokenizer-1.0.lua

- fixed end char number of token in add_line helper function
- Minor optimization for white space (+ 2-5%)

2013-06-26  Watchout  <>

* test/Main.lua test/Profile.lua test/Test.lua test/Test.php

Inconsequential testing and profiling tweaks

* LuaTokenizer-1.0.lua

Fixed bug where comments at the end of a file/string were not properly parsed
Fixed bug where EOL markers where part of a single-line comment

* test/index.html

more visible color for EOL markers

2013-06-25  Watchout  <>

* test/Profile.lua

Add profiling script to repository

* LuaTokenizer-1.0-SM.lua LuaTokenizer-1.0.lua test/Main.lua

Rename from -SM to normal
Removed old version

* test/Test.lua

Inconsequential change of tests...

* test/Main.lua

Made it easier to switch between EOL markers... a bit

* LuaTokenizer-1.0-SM.lua

Fixed EOL parsing for windows EOL markers
Fixed parsing of lines ending with only "--"

* LuaTokenizer-1.0-SM.lua

Tokenizer update; better parsing, greater parsing, faster parsing, bug-less parsing, I'm the man!

* test/Test.lua

Test updates

* test/index.html

cosmetic changes for html tester

* test/Test.lua

new test string for Test.lua

* .pkgmeta, LuaTokenizer-1.0-SM.lua test/Main.lua test/Test.lua test/index.html

start moving to simplified and generalized tokenizer

2013-06-20  Watchout  <>

* .pkgmeta:

add package-as

2013-06-19  Dualed  <>

* test/index.html

add height to tooltip vertical position instead of arbitrary number

* test/Main.lua

prettier error line

* .pkgmeta:

Add .pkgmeta

* test/Test.lua

Added sample for [] indexing to Test.lua

* LuaTokenizer-1.0.lua test/Main.lua

Moved callback parameter "value" to 2nd argument which I think makes more sense

* LuaTokenizer-1.0.lua

Added "value" parameter to unnamed tokens for a more stable interface

* test/Main.lua

add new main.lua test file

* test/Main.lua

remove old main.lua test file

* test/index.html

Obsidian color scheme, some code to implement tooltip for token metadata in tester

* test/Main.lua test/Test.lua test/index.html

Update for test cases

2013-06-17  Dualed  <>

* LuaTokenizer-1.0.toc

toc not necessary

* LibHighlight-1.0.lua LibHighlight-1.0.toc LuaTokenizer-1.0.lua LuaTokenizer-1.0.toc test/Main.lua

Rename to LuaTokenizer

* LibHighlight-1.0.lua LibHighlight-1.0.toc

- Removed unicode line ending parsing... Useful??
- Fixed line ending parsing for \n only line endings
- Changed default line endings to "\r\n" (may change again later)
- More... "successful" StripColors function

2013-06-16  Dualed  <>

* LibHighlight-1.0.lua test/Main.lua test/Test.lua test/Test.php test/index.html



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