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178 - Player/Target Unit-frames // Texture Scaling

Enable or Disable option for Player and Target Unit-frames.

I use Icehud, require all unit-frames but those two yet I can't disable them, forced to use fading options.

As well,  DPS/TPS/Raid textures increase in size based on scale # of the frame they are attached to.

Attached DPS Frame to BT4Bar4 to set up a background for ingame visual of my Naga Mouse.  Bars 3x3 would not fit, went to increase scale of bars to fit the texture but the texture increase with it.

Request Texture Scale option in the Frames window for DPS/TPS


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jason2 Jan 22, 2012 at 07:23 UTC Create

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  • Avatar of cookremier1977 cookremier1977 Mar 22, 2012 at 13:49 UTC - 0 likes

    Disabling Player and Target Frames is only possible when deactivating the hole Unitframe in LUI>Modules> You can scale the frame Artworks (Borders) manually in the latest Alpha Revisions. Maybe also in the latest release Version, but that cannot be confirmed by me, cause i do not use Release Versions, only latest Alphas ... :) Attaching a frame to a bar goes well with the builtin LUI Action Bars. Just goto LUI>Bars>select a bar and then use the anchorname for the frame you want to attach in the "Attached Frame" field. Texture Scale option is not available in actual LUI versions, but you can use the "SOLID" Option in LUI>Frames>TPS(DPS)> under Direction Dropdown menu.

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