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The hunter supersolo class can solo most things. Bloodlord Mandokir is no exception. The encounter is very simple if you can keep the boss in combat after he decapitates you. Since we have snake traps, that usually does the trick so long as the trap is placed a few seconds before the decapitate. Usually 25 seconds after a decapitate seems to work best.

This add-on simply puts a raid warning to remind you that you need to put a snake trap under Mandokir's feet.

To use:

/mandokir on
/mandokir off

When you turn on the add-on, it will monitor your the start of combat and your death. It will issue an initial "Place your trap!" message a couple of seconds after the engagement starts. On your death (from the decapitate), it starts a 25 second timer, that culminates with a raid warning "Place your trap!". It is imperative to do that right then as very soon after you will die of a decapitate.

Usual start sequence is:
- Send your pet to attack the boss. Pet must be in passive, or it will move to assist you later, perhaps moving the boss away from your trap.
- Black Arrow
- Explosive Shot
- Snake Trap

You may get 1-2 more shots before you initial death. After you get a res from the spirit, build focus and get his pet low, but don't kill it. Wait for it to kill the first ghost, and immediately nuke it. If you succeed, Mandokir won't resummon the pet. Otherwise retry on the next time he revives it. If in more than a couple of cycles you don't manage to kill the pet for the rest of the encounter, reset the encounter. You can easily reset the encounter by not accepting the spirit res until after the boss despawns on killing your snakes.

Wait for one or two decapitates before blowing your CDs like A Murder by Crows and Stampede. As you get a damage enhancing buff from the resurrection.

If you mind the reminder to setup the traps you'll win. It does take a bit to get the timing right for all the things happening in the encounter.

Here's a video tutorial of the encounter with the add-on

Have fun, and good luck with the Armored Razzashi Raptor mount drop!

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