Change log

MFClip v2.22 06/24/2013

  • toc bump for patch 5.3
  • embedded libraries update
  • minor fix (variable tainting)

MFClip v2.21 03/06/2013

  • toc bump for patch 5.2
  • added support for Mind Flay (Insanity)

MFClip v2.20 12/16/2012

  • added correct tick adding behaviour to castbar
  • added divine insight bandaid (Mind Blast cooldown resetting)

MFClip v2.17 12/02/2012

  • toc and version bump for v5.1

MFClip v2.16 09/06/2012

  • minor update to keep MFClip somewhat alive, though this is not meant to be a fully featured update for MoP
  • removed tracking of Shadow Orbs and Empowered Shadow (both gone in their former form)

MFClip v2.15 11/30/2011

  • toc bump for patch 4.3

MFClip v2.14 06/29/2011

  • patch 4.2 related updates

MFClip v2.13 04/27/2011

  • patch 4.1 related updates

MFClip v2.12 04/09/2011

  • removed Desyrel as default font selection
  • update to more recent Ace3 libraries

MFClip v2.11 01/30/2011

  • added additional color for 3x Shadow Orbs without the Empowered Shadow buff
  • minor optimizations

MFClip v2.10 12/23/2010 - Happy Christmas

  • added tracking of both Shadow Orbs and Empowered Shadows into Mind Blast cooldown bar

MFClip v2.04 11/11/2010

  • update to optimal recasting info (LiveBars "latency boxes" for dot timers)

MFClip v2.03 10/25/2010

  • added option to background color the mind blast cooldown bar when buffed by three shadow orbs
  • minor additional changes

MFClip v2.02 10/15/2010

  • attempt at fixing problems
  • some minor improvements

MFClip v2.01 10/14/2010

  • adjusted dot handling, mainly recast indicators
  • hopefully correctly packaged this time

MFClip v2.00 10/12/2010

  • toc update to 40000
  • minor performance improvements

MFClip v1.99 09/27/2010

  • compatible with 3.3.5, Cataclysm Beta and the 4.0.1 PTR
  • performance improvements
  • fixed minor castbar problems

MFClip v1.58 08/03/2010

  • bugfixes

MFClip v1.57 08/02/2010

  • taken over Gnosis' StatusBar implementation to fix texture bug
  • fixed "memory leak"

MFClip v1.55 07/02/2010

  • combat log independent cooldown tracking
  • nolib creation

MFClip v1.53 06/17/2010

  • added option to hide uptime&dps info on LiveBars

MFClip v1.52 06/14/2010

  • LiveBars keep uptime information when losing target while in combat
  • added Shackle Undead (su) to LiveButtons
  • some code improvements

MFClip v1.40 05/20/2010

  • LibDataBroker support (open config gui, display statistics)
  • made castbar spark configurable, i.e. height, width, color; option to enable spark for all bars (prior only castbar)
  • changed layering of statusbar, latency boxes and castbar spark

MFClip v1.32 05/15/2010

  • redone MFClip's unintentional clipping detection (slightly enhanced Gnosis' version)
    • better handling of large combat log delays
    • faster combat text output & clip signal
    • automatically adjust "Wait for Combat Log" -> removed option in gui
    • best to set "Wait for Combat Log" to new default value of 1000ms

MFClip v1.31 05/14/2010

  • changed behaviour preventing dot uptime data reset when combat log mixes up order of events

MFClip v1.30 05/08/2010

  • new bar look (mimic new Gnosis look, reset required)
  • easier color editing options, Font selectable
  • very minor internal tweaks and changes

MFClip v1.26 02/02/2010

  • undo: changed latency box layer to make sure castbar spark is above (fixing timer bar overlaying latency box, castbar spark should be above anyways)

MFClip v1.25 01/31/2010

  • added Shadow Word: Death tracking
    • LiveBars: cooldown bar (command swd)
    • LiveButtons: button (command swd)
  • changed latency box layer to make sure castbar spark is above

MFClip v1.24 01/18/2010

  • added option to hide LiveBars (and LiveButtons) while controlling a vehicle
  • bugfix, hope most (all) outstanding bugs are fixed by now

MFClip v1.23 01/18/2010

  • changed dot handling to better account for hasted dots
  • minor bug fixes

MFClip v1.22 01/07/2010

  • added option to enable/disable MFClip when changing talent specs
  • fixed blizzard castbar not being restored when disabling MFClip (only works if blizzard castbar was disabled by MFClip before any other addon)

MFClip v1.21 12/29/2009

  • bugfixes
    • combat text output and clipping detection active while MFClip castbar hidden
    • removed "focus" option from LiveButtons since unavailable during combat lockdown
    • haste not taken into account for VT/DP when not shapeshifted (Shadow Form)
  • merged LiveButtons config tab into LiveBars since LiveButtons are part of LiveBars
  • changed CombatText output of "count of hits&crits" to ticks and crits to conform with the default CombatText output of Gnosis&MSBT

MFClip v1.20 12/21/2009

  • support for hasted dots (WotLK 3.3)
  • add focus target cast buttons called LiveButtons

MFClip v1.05 08/18/2009

  • some improvements, configuration additions & fixes
  • reworked border & castbar background of LiveBars

MFClip v1.01 08/17/2009

  • multiple new LiveBars configuration options

MFClip v1.00 08/16/2009

  • major addon overhaul
  • LiveBars
    • castbar with tick latency support for MF/MS
    • cooldown timer for MB
    • dottimer for VT/DP/SW:P
    • efficiency and DPS values
  • redone/tweaked clipping and spell pushback detection

MFClip v0.72 07/02/2009

  • frame anchoring bugfix for LiveBars

MFClip v0.71 06/30/2009

  • minor correction to spellpushback code

MFClip v0.70 06/13/2009

  • added bars for live information
    • Mind Flay dps and casting efficiency
    • dot dps and uptime or
    • dot timers and uptime
  • implemented spell pushback code to prevent false clipping information

MFClip v0.61 06/08/2009

  • fixed minor calculation bug (dot dps loss)

MFClip v0.60 06/06/2009

  • improved configuration dialog
  • improved statistics & statistic generation configuration
    • multi target dot uptime & dps calculation

MFClip v0.50 beta 06/01/2009

  • added auto adjust for "Wait for Combat Log" to better support high haste situations (like Vezax's Shadow Crash), can be deactivated in the config menu
  • enhanced combat data statistics
    • statistics saved for session and overall play (can be reset using the config menu)
    • statistics for Mind Flay casting like loss of effective casting time while channeling or effective Mind Flay dps

MFClip v0.43 04/18/2009

  • libraries updated for 3.1

MFClip v0.42 01/12/2009

  • fixed problems with all Mind Flay ranks (previously only rank 7 was working as intended due to different event behaviour for different Mind Flay ranks)

MFClip v0.41 10/24/2008

  • minor tweaks and enhancements

MFClip v0.4 10/14/2008

  • MFClip aware of critical Mind Flay ticks
  • support for Blizzard Floating Combat Text
  • minor changes and bug fixes for 3.0

remark: reset configuration data if you want to see default hit and crit combat text output or edit combat text output manually

MFClip v0.3 07/23/2008

  • combat text output fully configurable


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Jun 24, 2013
Game version
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