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I began using this to aid in farming, and I was wondering if you could add an option/feature to disable or fade/change the alpha of the HUD during combat.  For raids it is not a problem, as I'll usually disable it for the entire raid, or enable it for a specific fight, but for leveling it can be problematic, as the HUD you've built is very helpful in finding quest objectives and npcs, but can obscure combat, and with leveling you go in and out of combat frequently, and with TomTom, gatherer, and several other mods that use the minimap, as well as WoW's default quest tracker, it can become very cluttered and further obscures what might be important to see.

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    Sounds like a good idea. I don't play any more and work and personal commitments means I don't have that much time for WoW dev any more I will see if I can find a few hours to do this. Might not be for a few weeks though. If someone else wanted to do it and post a patch feel free. I will then find the few mins asap to apply the patch! :)



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